Sweet Violet - TN Nursery
Sweet Violet

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Sweet Violet - TN Nursery
Sweet Violet - TN Nursery
Sweet Violet - TN Nursery

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Susan Currie
My surprise

I received several pacts of seeds from several different businesses. I thought about the violet and wasn’t sure if I had actually completed an order.
I thought I would go ahead and order but didn’t. It might be getting to late for planting. Maybe next year. Lo’an’behold! And envelope arrived from TN Nursery with healthy bare root sweet violets.
And more plants than expected. I planted immediately even though it was way past time the cooking supper. I can’t wait to see them grow and bloom. Most everyone tells me that violets are weeds. I firmly disagree!!
Mow I can tell people that I love the common one but also grow sweet violets, and tell them every thing I know about violets.

Tammi Gilmore
Would buy again.

Bought these for my Mom. Not only did they arrive quickly, her sweet violets were packaged carefully to keep them safe.

Kathy Oberst

I was very pleased when I received these. I was given many more than I thought I would have thank you so much.

Susan Filene
Spring violets

These are beautiful. They came about to bloom!F

Trudy Brown
Nice violets

arrived safely and in good condition, so happy with my violets