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Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

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Blue Vervain - Verbena hastata

Blue Vervain is a versatile and attractive plant with several landscaping benefits. Its natural beauty, adaptability, and ecological contributions make it an excellent addition to gardens, public spaces, and residential landscapes.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Blue Vervain features tall, elegant spikes of bright blue to purple flowers

One of the most notable advantages of using it in landscaping is its striking appearance. The flowers bloom throughout the summer, adding a splash of color to any outdoor space. Its slender, lance-shaped leaves and overall graceful growth habit enhance its visual appeal. As a result, it can be used as a focal point in flowerbeds or as an attractive backdrop for other plants, creating a captivating display in gardens.

Beyond aesthetics, it serves as a valuable pollinator plant. Its flowers are rich in nectar, attracting various pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. By incorporating this plant into landscaping, one can contribute to supporting local pollinator populations and promoting biodiversity. Pollinators also benefit nearby fruit and vegetable gardens, enhancing crop yields.

Another advantage of the plant is its resilience and adaptability. This perennial plant is native to North America and thrives in various soil types, from sandy to clayey. It can tolerate wet and dry conditions, making it suitable for rain gardens, stream banks, and other areas prone to occasional flooding. Its ability to handle different growing needs makes it ideal for landscapes with diverse environmental challenges.

It also offers some erosion control benefits. Its deep-rooted system helps stabilize soil on slopes or areas susceptible to erosion, preventing the loss of valuable topsoil and reducing runoff into nearby water bodies.

Furthermore, the plant is relatively low-maintenance, requiring little care once established. It can be left to naturalize in the landscape, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly garden design.

In summary, the plant's landscaping benefits go beyond its attractive appearance. It supports pollinators, provides erosion control, and showcases adaptability in various soil and moisture conditions. It is a valuable addition to any landscape, enriching aesthetics and environmental sustainability, whether as a striking focal point or a functional ecological contributor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elaine Hall
Good quality

The plants are lucious and happy. I look forward to their continued growth and cannot wait for them to bloom. This is my first experience with this plant. It has been an addition to my butterfly garden.

Deborah Ritchie

haven't planted it yet. Snow just melted.

super fast service

plants look healthy and have been planted. They haven't sprouted up yet so it's to soon to make a true assessment but all looks good so far

Gregory Rogers
Blue vervain

Very nicely and neatly packed plant. I see no damage to the plant

Liam Taylor

My blue vervain are lining up in my balcony and sways with other shrubs in different combinations, Even in summer time and extreme hot season it stays and survives. My new purchases will be in springtime to prepare for the next summer. Thank you TN nursery for this lovely pick.