Golden Rod - TN Nursery
Golden Rod

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Golden Rod - TN Nursery
Golden Rod - TN Nursery
Golden Rod - TN Nursery

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Kathleen Maguire
oh, dear.

i am glad to report that the package arrived. however, unlike with the other plants, the golden rod zip-lock bag was open; the plant was totally dry and shriveled. it appeared to be **** on arrival. was the open packaging intentional? i have planted it anyway and shall hope for the best.

all the other plants appeared to be alive. thank you for sending 3 plants (versus 2) in 2 of the packages!

Linda Burke
Upside down?

I LOVE goldenrod! — my bees love it, it is beautiful, it is sturdy and resilient, but will it grow upside down? — I haven’t figured out if I planted it correctly?— I guess time will tell tell

Rick Schatz
not about the flowers

When you get your plants they are a ball of roots. And that is perfect. Planted same day and already 3 days on I have signs of life, small leaves are beginning to emerge. Cant wait till full bloom.

Madeleine Beresford

I’m looking forward to seeing it grow!

Paige Manley
wonderful buy.

I planted my golden rod the next day, so now I wait.