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Foster Holly for Christmas Decor

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 03 , 2016

Thursday, September 22

Foster Holly

Foster Holly also called Ilex Attenuata is a shrub which produces wonderful red colored fruit and green leaves giving your garden an authentic look. This plant can be easily grown in the backyard as it can grow in most soils, however; moist, slightly acidic and a well-drained soil is preferred.

Foster Holly can grow up to a height of 20-30 feet and spreads about 10-20 feet. They generate four white petal flowers. The flowers are deciduous and bloom during the summer season and make it look marvelous. The combination of red berries, white flowers, and dark green shiny leaves catch the attention of most people due to their color and beauty. The leaves of this plant remain green throughout the year, unlike other hollies which lose their green foliage.

Caring for Foster Holly

Foster Holly plants require full sun of approximately 6 hours a day, however; they can also grow in partial sunlight provided that they are exposed for a minimum of 3 hours a day. You can also prune this plant to get a desired shape and design. It can be used as a hedge plant for screening and privacy. Some people also use Foster Holly for Topiary. Pruning is advisable as they can turn dense and can get out of hands.

This plant is very attractive and requires an adequate supply of water. This plant does not require much maintenance and is a good investment for backyard gardening. Foster Holly is prone to pests and insects, therefore; proper chemicals should be used to prevent damage.

Foster Holly is used in Christmas decorations, and beautiful wreaths can be made out using its leaves and beautiful berries. This plant is easily available in most retail and wholesale nurseries. You can plant this wonderful tree in your garden and make most of it during the Christmas season by decorating your home with the red berries and leaves.

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