Bluets Quaker Ladies are amazing when they are in bloom.

Bluets Quaker Ladies

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Bluets Quaker Ladies - Houstonia Caerulea

Bluets Quaker Ladies are dainty blue four-petaled wildflowers with yellow centers. It has slender 3-8 inch tall stems. The herb grows in climate zones three through eight. Bluets prefer moist, acidic soil. It spreads quickly and can easily be relocated. They are used for ground cover, softening the look of stones, and attracting pollinators. Bluets Quaker Ladies are fabulous when they are in bloom. They have a small blue flower that appears and is very delicate and elegant in appearance. This plant works excellent when used as a ground cover for natural areas and also grows well in rock gardens. They bloom from late spring on into the early fall months. These plants grow best in climate zones three through eight.

Bluets Quaker ladies

 a lovely, diminutive wildflower that boasts four petals, each set directly opposite another. The petals grace the top of a slender stem studded with pairs of tiny leaves, broader at the base. Though primarily found to be various shades of light blue, these small blossoms can also appear in pale pink, lavender or white with a bright yellow center. These sweetly elegant flowers can be found stretching over a broad expanse such as a meadow or in wooded areas. When presented in a wide-sweeping space, these flowers appear as if snow has fallen. Often, they appear in small clusters of blooms next to rocks, logs or ledges. They bloom in spring and summer. The plants are perennials. There are two forms of this flower which allows for cross-pollination and subsequent fertile seeds which can start new plants. While these bulbs are beautiful carpeting a woodland floor, their use in landscaping a yard is yet more striking. With little work, planted in mounds next to waterfalls or ponds, encircling birdbaths and patios or tucked in between stepping stones or larger plants, the bluets Quaker ladies are an exceptional addition to your yard, creating both drama and whimsy. Bluets Quaker Ladies