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Bellflower - Merry Bells - TN Nursery
Bellflower - Merry Bells

Ships: Now, Package of: 1 Plant + Get 1 Free

Bellflower - Merry Bells - TN Nursery
Bellflower - Merry Bells - TN Nursery
Bellflower - Merry Bells - TN Nursery

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Susan M
healthy roots

I received the bare root plants I ordered quickly and well packaged. If I’m not mistaken, they sent me lots of extras! That is, I thought I was getting two of each and got more, maybe because it’s the end of the season. So thank you for that! The roots looked very healthy, are all in the ground and watered, so I hope I will see some foliage emerge soon. Bare root plants take some patience but I enjoy the ease of planting, good prices, and the suspense of waiting for first growth.

Jurij Homziak
Well done

Bare roots were in great condition. Planted immediately & waiting for next spring!

Donna Brenchley

They arrived in great shape and I planted right away. Ism still awaiting second order and hope they arrive soon!

Heather Giambra
Merrybells on hold

Hello, was so surprised that the Merrybells roots came in a padded envelope. Well....**** realize it was my "pkg" for 2 days as my son gets so many pkgs. The roots were in great condition! Planted immediately and 1 of 2 roots has emerged and looking quite happy. Had a nice rain 2 days ago, so hoping it will spark the 2nd root to get going. Waiting to see if the Merrybells grow as gleefully as I hope. Hard to give a star rating so soon. Ideally they will be 5 star plants in my garden. TY, H Giambra

G Vaught

Ask me when they come “alive”, can hardly wait! Ordering and delivery were quite satisfactory; first time ordering.