Bird's Foot Violet



March April


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Bird's Foot Violet

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Bird's Foot Violet



March April


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Bird's Foot Violet (Viola pedata)

 Make your garden stand out with stunning birds' foot violet perennials! Birds foot violet perennials are an eye-catching addition to any outdoor area. With their unique foliage, these hardy plants will draw attention and be the centerpiece of your garden. The deep purple flowers last throughout the season and make a great addition to any landscape. Bird's foot violet perennials will stay healthy and vibrant for years with minimal care.

 Bring a unique and lovely look to your garden with these perennials, and enjoy the freshness all year round! Enjoy the vibrant color of these gorgeous flowers and the low-maintenance care that comes with them. Make sure to experience the joy of having these delightful flowers in your outdoor area!

 Make your garden stand out today with bird's foot violet perennials — get them delivered right to your door!

Bird's Foot Violet: Viola pedata, or the Bird's Foot Violet, is a lovely herbaceous perennial plant with showy blue or violet flowers that add color to the late-spring garden.

Bird's Foot Violet is a sun-loving flower that can tolerate a little filtered shade. It is a North American native species, found naturally growing in meadows, along ditch banks, and in woodland clearings from southern New England through the mid-south and west across the open prairies of the upper midwest.

It prefers de-compacted soil, and you will fertilize it about twice yearly--in the early spring and the fall. In late autumn, gardeners in northern climates often add a protective blanket of hardwood mulch. Although Bird's Foot Violet likes moisture, it does not like wet feet, so plan a spot where rainwater does not stand.

Besides routine maintenance, Bird's Foot Violet is easy to grow. 

Where to Plant Bird's, Foot Violet

TN Nursery suggests Bird's Foot Violet if you have a sunny spot that needs a touch of late spring color.

Plant Bird's Foot Violet in these spots:

  • Near a garden walkway
  • Fairy Garden
  • Rock garden
  • Flower bed
  • Garden border
  • Mass plantings
  • In deep pots or containers

The Magnificent Beauty of Bird's Foot Violet

Bird's Foot Violet gets its name from the unique appearance of its leaves--they grow in a shape that resembles a bird's foot! The leaves are silvery green, elongated to about three inches, and lobed in a way that looks like a claw.

The flowers have four petals--the two upper petals are usually blue, and the lower petals may be a richer shade, like purple or violet. The two-toned effect is stunning.

Bird's Foot Violet grows to about eight inches high and wide, a reasonably sized plant you can use in many settings.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Kuss
Birds Foot Violets

I could not be happier with my order of bare-root Birdsfoot Violet plants. They arrived in excellent condition. I ordered five plants and got 13! Granted, some were small. But most of them had stocky crowns and several had multiple flower buds! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review, Mary. These are the stories that keep us so motivated to continue doing what we are doing, and we are so happy to hear that you had a great experience. Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

Paula Wilson

Price is reasonable. Plants are great. I am very happy with this purchase.

Willie Gutter

Awesome. Very nice Plants and arrived in perfect packing.

Birds Foot Violet

Happy with the pkg of bareroot plants.Planted them the next day. Hoping for flowers come spring.

Bird’s Foot Violet
Quality of bare root plants

The plants were in excellent condition when I received them. I put them in my crisper as recommended until able to plant them, when I planted them they were all healthy. Looking forward to seeing them all full of flowers!