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Jack In The Pulpit

Jack In The Pulpit

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Jack-In-The-Pulpit - Arisaema Triphyllum

Jack-in-the-Pulpit is a unique and captivating native plant that offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping designs. It's distinctive appearance and ecological contributions bring a touch of wilderness to cultivated outdoor spaces.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

One of the primary advantages of using it in landscaping is its aesthetic appeal. The plant's intriguing structure consists of a hood-like spathe that wraps around a central spadix, resembling a preacher standing in a pulpit.

Jack-In-The-Pulpit 's intriguing and eye-catching structure adds an element of novelty to gardens.

This is sure to captivate the attention of onlookers and spark conversations about the fascinating world of flora.

Regarding ecological benefits, it plays a vital role in supporting local ecosystems. It attracts a variety of pollinators, including flies and beetles, which are essential for maintaining biodiversity. As a native plant, it has adapted to the local environment over time, making it well-suited to its natural habitat's soil and climate conditions. By including it in landscaping projects, you contribute to the conservation of native species and help establish a balanced ecosystem in your surroundings.

Furthermore, it serves as an indicator of soil quality and moisture levels. It thrives in damp, shaded areas, making it an excellent choice for wetland gardens or areas with moist soil. Its presence can signify a well-hydrated and nutrient-rich soil, which can aid in planning and managing other plantings in the landscape.

The low-maintenance nature of it makes it an attractive option for those seeking a hassle-free addition to their outdoor spaces. Once established, this perennial plant requires minimal care, allowing homeowners and landscapers to enjoy its beauty without needing excessive attention.

In conclusion, it brings a blend of visual allure, ecological significance, and easy upkeep to landscaping endeavors. By integrating this native plant into your landscape design, you enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space and contribute to the overall health and balance of the local ecosystem. Its unique form and adaptive nature make it a valuable asset, fostering a deeper connection between your surroundings' cultivated and natural elements.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sharon Osagie
All the plants 😁

Over all i bought 26 roots. The roots arrived super fast. And we're healthy.
I would recommend this company to anyone!! I cannot wait for spring to to see my plants coming up.

Donald Barron
Wild flowers

Great job getting my order very fast will be doing business with TN nursery for a long time.

Lucie Raffanti

Arrived as healthy bare roots. Highly recommend for economical plantings of hard to find cultivars!

Mike Marcus
Jack In The Pulpit

Completely satisfied. All aspects of product and service excellent.

Kimberly Terrell
Jack in the Pulpit

The corm was nice and healthy when it arrived. The plant is already up about 3-4 inches and soon will bloom in just 20 days after receiving it!!!! Yay! Couldn't be happier with the plant or TN Nursery!!! Now....hopefully the deer will not find it😊