Hydrangea Shrubs

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Hydrangea shrub - Hydrangea Macrophylla

Hydrangea shrubs are a species of flowering plants native to Japan. They reach an average height of 1-3 meters. They are famous for their extensive and colorful flower heads. The colors of their flowers vary from dark blue to light pink. The pH level of the soil determines the color of their flowers. The flowers bloom with a bluish tint if the soil is acidic(pH level below 7) and pinkish if the ground is alkali(pH over 7). With substantial flower heads, hydrangeas bear an old-school charm in one's garden that is just difficult to resist. Excellent for various types of garden, the gardener's expectations of its blooming colors and sizes seem to have no boundaries. Hydrangea Shrubs usually start to bloom during early spring and may last up to early winter. Great to have if a person wishes to add a splash of old summer colors to shady and woodland gardens.

Hydrangea Shrubs grow best warm climates in fertile and moist soil with a fair amount of sunlight in the morning with some shade in the afternoon. Although have been seen to grow in places with partial tones. Their seeds are to be planted in either the spring or fall. Hydrangeas don't necessarily require a considerable amount of maintenance. However, their stems and blooms are to be protected from strong winds and the hot afternoon sun. They need to be watered deeply once a week and on a daily basis if the weather is warm or dry. Although they do not require much pruning, once every few months or just an annual pruning will do. Fertilizers may also be applied should the person want certain color flowers to bloom. Hydrangeas are favorite all around the world to this day. There is also an American society of people who love hydrangeas called AHS (American Hydrangea Society). With all this said, there should be no reason why a person shouldn't have them planted in their gardens.


Hydrangea Shrubs

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