Shade Perennials

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Shade Perennials

Perennials for shade are in abundance at TN Nursery. Thrive in high-shade areas, live for decades, and are native, so there's no need for high maintenance.


Tn Nurseries Best Selling Shade Perennials

1. Geranium

2. Jacobs Ladder

3. Twinleaf Plant

4. Sweet Betsy Trillium

5. Blazing Star

Shade Perennials - Buy Mature & Blooming Age Shade Perennials at Tn Mail Order Nursery

Are you looking for shade perennials for sale? If so, you probably know that you have plenty of flowers from which to choose; however, you need to consider growing conditions, color, and price when trying to find the right plant for your needs. At Tennessee Nursery, we can work with you to help you find the best flowers for your garden in your home or office.


Choosing the right plant will produce a unique, gorgeous landscape that will increase your curb appeal. What are a few examples of plants you should consider?


Bishop's Weed 

One of the first choices you may want to consider is Bishop's Weed. This is a relatively low plant that produces white, foamy flowers. When it is fully mature, it looks like Queen Anne's Lace. It will increase quickly, so you need to keep a close eye on it. If this plan is allowed to grow unchecked, it can get restive, taking nutrients from other flowers in your garden. This is an excellent plan for a shaded area where you can isolate it from other plants. Are you looking for a plant that will cover the ground quickly? This could be the best option for your needs.



You may also want to consider Bugleweed if you are looking for shade perennials. Also called Ajuga, this flower produces unique violet, pink, and white spikes. Because of the many colors that come from this plant, it is relatively versatile, allowing you to blend this selection in with just about anything you have in your garden. The foliage is colorful and will spread out, covering a vast territory. If you are looking for an easy plant to take care of, you may consider this option.



Another option you may want to consider is called Goatsbeard. As the name suggests, the flower looks a bit like a beard you might find on a goat. It has traumatic, long plumes of flowers that look like cream. They also grow on stalks ranging from one foot to six feet and highlight. The foliage produced by this plant is a light green color. When it is fully mature, it looks a bit like a fern. Consider working this unique flower into your garden.


Find the Right Shade plant for Your Property.


These are just a few of the many plants you can choose from. Because you have so many options available, you must think carefully about the types of flowers you will plant. That is where our team can assist you. We are Tennessee Nursery, and it would be our pleasure to help you find the best plant for your home or office. We will customize our options to meet your needs. Contact us today.


We all know plants need sunlight to grow, so many gardeners mistakenly believe there aren't many plants that grow well in full shade, let alone flower without much sun. But when you look at our range of plants, you'll realize there are plenty of plants that flower without direct sunlight. So what are you waiting for? 

Shade Perennials grow in many different sizes and colors.

No matter your garden palette, we have shade-loving plants with flowers to suit your color scheme. If you've chosen a warm color palette, check out our range of plants with red, orange, and yellow flowers. Or, if you prefer more excellent colors, our plants with purple and blue flowers will be more your thing.


And, of course, we have a vast range of plants with flowers as white as a sheet, and these would look great in a white and green color scheme or as a complement to any of the other color palettes. 




Shade Perennials

Just because some homeowners have properties that get limited sunlight doesn't mean they can't enjoy beautiful, shade-loving plants and flowers. Our company, Tn Nursery, offers a wealth of shade plants and perennials. Perennial plants come back year after year, and shade perennials do best in the shade. Here are just some of the shade perennials we have on offer:


Aegopodiun Podagraria or Bishop's Weed

This low plant, with its foamy white flowers, resembles Queen Anne's lace. It proliferates and can be very aggressive, so the gardener would do well to keep an eye on it. Otherwise, it's a great plant or shady area.


Bugleweed or Ajuga

This perennial sends out spikes of white, pink, violet, or blue flowers from colorful foliage and is a fantastic ground cover.



This plant has dramatic, long plumes of tiny cream-colored flowers on stalks that can grow from one to six feet tall. The foliage is fernlike and light green.



Goldenseal is not just one of the best plants for shade but also a medicinal herb. It has a yellow rootstock and purplish stems that grow about a foot tall. It also has two large, five-part, slightly hairy leaves. Each plant has only one flower at a time, either greenish-white or rose-colored. In the fall, the fruit resembles a giant raspberry. Native Americans used tea to treat skin conditions like eczema and acne.



This delightful-looking plant is bound to be a hit with anyone who comes across it. The spathe arches over the spadix, which is full of little flowers and reminds people of a preacher in a pulpit. Unfortunately, the flowers' smell isn't the sweetest, but this is because flies need to fertilize them. In the fall, the flowers on the spadix are replaced by attractive berries. Jack-in-the-pulpit also has medicinal uses and is sometimes used to treat tired eyes, snakebites, and bronchitis.


foam flower

Foam Flower - Tiarella cord folia

Foamflower is often used as part of the design in a shade garden or naturalistic area of a landscape. One feature that makes it a viable choice for a nature area is that it is a plant the deer or rabbit are not usually attracted to. It is a low-maintenance, fast-growing plant planted in hardiness zones 3-8. This flower spreads by rhizomes or runners that can quickly develop into dense patches of lush greenery. This flower should be planted in a partially shaded area in neutral or slightly acidic soil. The area where it is planted must receive good drainage. This type of flower cannot endure excessively wet soil.





You might also want to think about Bloodroot. As the name suggests, they have a deep color. They usually grow to approximately 8 inches in height. They spread out 6 inches wide. With gorgeous wife flowers, they have a deep yellow, a golden center that makes the flower look like a blooming water lily. One of the most potent flowers in North America, this flower usually blooms relatively early in the Spring. This plant can withstand various weather conditions, so it should not require much work for you to take care of them.


Virginia Bluebells

Finally, you may want to think about Virginia bluebells. This is a trendy flowering plant that produces pastel pink buds. Eventually, they grow to approximately 1 inch, creating lavender flowers that look like tiny trumpets. At full height, these flowers could be 2 ft tall. In addition, they routinely attract butterflies, making them a popular addition to just about any garden. They tend to bloom during the Spring. Then, they spread out as the years go by. If you are looking for a fun investment you can include in your garden, consider going with this flower.


Find the Right plant with the Help of Tennessee Nursery

If you are unsure of exactly what flowers you should choose, that is okay! Our team is here to assist you. At Tennessee Nursery, we will work with you, helping you find the perfect flowers to meet your expectations. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about how our professionals can assist you!



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