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Mayapple, also known as American mandrake, is a fascinating native plant in North America that offers various benefits when used in landscaping. With its unique appearance and adaptability, Mayapple can contribute to outdoor spaces' aesthetic and ecological aspects.

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Mayapple's distinctive umbrella-like leaves and single, nodding white flowers can create a captivating focal point in landscaping.

Its lush foliage and striking blooms provide visual interest, especially when planted in shaded areas, woodland gardens, or naturalistic settings. The plant's low spreading habit can also make it an excellent ground cover option under deciduous trees or in dappled sunlight.

Due to its preference for moist, well-draining soils can be employed in rain gardens or along the edges of water features. It serves as an ornamental addition and an effective means of soil erosion control. Its dense growth can help stabilize soil, preventing runoff and contributing to the ecosystem's overall health.

Its ability to tolerate shade and form colonies through rhizomes can make it a valuable plant for naturalizing large areas. Once established, it can form dense patches that cover wildlife, such as small mammals and birds, enhancing biodiversity in the landscape. Although toxic to humans, the plant's fruit is consumed by various animals, adding another layer of ecological significance.

Its growth habit should be considered when designing with it, as its spreading nature might require occasional maintenance to prevent it from overtaking other plants. However, this growth habit can also be used strategically to create dynamic textural contrasts when combined with other shade-loving plants.

In conclusion, it offers multiple benefits in landscaping due to its unique appearance, adaptability to shaded environments, and potential for soil erosion control. Whether used as a standalone specimen, ground cover, or part of a larger naturalistic planting scheme, it adds depth and intrigue to outdoor spaces while contributing to ecological balance and diversity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Beverly Brannan
Love Mayapples!

Have loved these for years so am happy to have some in my own yard now.

Caroline Scherf
Tn nursery review

Good service
plants (bareroot) in good conditionT

Mary Chamer
One item moldy but overall good

Thank you. I did have one moldy piece in my bare root order but I rinsed everything off as well as I could and took a chance at planting them. They felt supple and I think it would have been fine. But I won’t be able to give you a warranted review because squirrels happened. And in all fairness I believe you sent me extra pieces for each order. So thank you. I will re-order and try again closer to fall and maybe get some screen and stakes.

Anne V Piazza


Great plant for the woodland edges.

The plants get huge leaves yet stay close to the ground. Native Americans used
it as a purgative, to induce vomiting and for treatment of intestinal parasites,
warts and snakebite. In the 1940s it was thought to be a treatment for psoriasis
and genital warts. Great plant, good herbal medicine.