NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Shade Loving Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are very diverse, and they can serve many purposes in the garden. They can be grown as groundcovers, border plants, or specimens. They have numerous varieties, and You can use some specific ones in tricky areas that do not receive enough sunlight.

A well-planned landscape should not have any bare spots, and if you have specific areas in your garden that are fully shaded, you can consider growing perennial plants that love the shade. These plants will not only cover the bare patches, but they will make the entire garden lively and green. It will come alive with lush green perennial plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

Hosta- Hostas are number one on the list of shade-loving plants. There are many variegated Hostas available in the market, and you can grow them in full to partial shade. They can be used as groundcovers or border plants. They can easily be divided and re-planted in new areas.

Wild Ginger- Wild Ginger is a fast-growing perennial plant that does well in the shade. It has beautiful glossy dark green leaves; The plant is quite hardy and requires significantly less maintenance. It thrives well in full shade. Wild Ginger is an evergreen plant, and it remains green throughout the year.

Lily of The Valley- Lily of the valley is another beautiful shade-loving plant that is quite adaptable. You can grow this plant in partial shade. These perennials produce tiny bell-shaped white or pinkish-colored flowers in the late spring season.

Jack In The Pulpit- It is a very conspicuous native perennial plant known for its different flowers that give this plant an apt name. It can be grown in full to partial shade, and it is a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Apart from these shade-loving varieties, you can also grow other perennial plants that can tolerate shade. Goat’s Beard, European Ginger, Blue Cohosh, Dutchman’s breeches, Shooting Star, Trillium, Spiderwort, and Virginia Bluebells are some great perennial plants grown in shade gardens.

It is essential to growing the right kind of plants in the right location for a thriving garden, so choose your plants accordingly. The best way to efficiently utilize problem areas in the garden is to grow specific varieties. By growing shade-tolerant perennial plants, you can convert tricky areas into an asset. You can find many other varieties of perennial plants for your garden in a reputed online nursery.

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