NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

The Red Cedar Tree is a beautiful tree native to the United States.

It grows best in climate zones four through nine and grows best in full sunlight environments. They can grow anywhere from forty to fifty feet in height and as wide as eight to fifteen feet once they reach maturity. They have a growth rate of two to three feet per year, which is impressive for a tree.

It can work with any soil conditions making it very versatile and hardy.

Most varieties of this tree have a natural conical shape, and others will have a pyramid shape to them, and if found in the wild, they can reach heights of at least two hundred feet or more. Its foliage will also grow to the ground, and the trunk will be covered in the reddish-brown bark that will develop furrows as it matures and ages. The trunk color will also start to gray as it becomes older.

The dark green leaves that this tree produces are beautiful, and when they are crushed, they will have a lovely fragrance. Also, this tree will produce green or yellow flowers depending on whether it is male or female, which will generally happen as winter approaches. It is an evergreen tree and will give your landscape area year-round color and beauty even as other plants begin to die or go dormant for the season if one needs to add some shade to their yard as well as beauty. You can plant in rows given if you have enough space, or you can only make this a showpiece in your yard for one's family. Just imagine having a backyard barbeque with the sweet smell of cedar in the breeze. It will merely give your yard and gatherings a much-needed burst of life and color. Make this addition to your yard, make the Red Cedar Tree a top consideration.

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