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Friday, August 26

Tomatoes are very diverse and are used in almost every cuisine.

They come in many varieties, and each is quite different from the other. There could be nothing better than growing fresh tomatoes in your kitchen garden.

Tomatoes from your garden are best for cooking as they are free from harmful chemicals. They taste great in pizzas, soups, stews, salads, pasta, and practically anything you cook.

Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C and can be grown throughout the year. They thrive well in the garden and also indoors in containers or pots. Tomatoes are planted from seeds and also from small plants available in the market. You can choose from various varieties available in the market like Cherry tomatoes, Grape tomatoes, Plum tomatoes, Campari tomatoes, and Beefsteak tomatoes. While planting, ensure enough space between the rows as it is essential for the plant to grow properly. Some varieties need more space as they tend to grow larger than other varieties. The soil for tomato gardening should be very rich and needs compost and manure to grow to its fullest. It is best to plant tomatoes in the warm months as frost in the colder temperatures tends to destroy the plants. During the growth stage, tomato plants require a lot of water and nutrients. Keep your plants well-watered and fertilized so that they get proper nourishment and grow fast. Once the plants are a little bit, it is advised to tie them and give proper support to grow in the available space. After reaching the flowering stage, the plant takes about 60 days more to reach maturity. After reaching the maturity stage, the plant will start bearing fruit.

Tomatoes grow in wet and humid conditions, and therefore they tend to get affected by various diseases. Keep a regular check on the plants and remove any withered, dead, or yellow leaves. If worms and insects have started attacking the fruit, then make sure to remove the infected tomatoes; otherwise, it will spread to other plants as well. Proper care will result in healthy plants which will bear freshly ripe tomatoes.

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