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Buy Perennial Plants at Tn Nursery to suit any Color Scheme 

No matter what color palette you’re working with, we’ve got flowering perennials that will fit right in.

Shop our perennials by bloom color now and grab a great deal while stocks last.

Perennials-Choose Your Bloom Color will produce white flowers

If you’re working with a dreamy white color scheme, check out our range of perennials that produce gorgeous white flowers. Popular examples include Shasta daisies and Solomon seal.

Perennials-Choose Your Bloom Color that produce pink flowers

If you’re after baby-pink flowers, you can’t go past our fantastic water-leaf plants. Or if you’re after hot-pink flowers, echinacea is both beautiful and highly useful too.

Perennials-Choose Your Bloom Color that produce red flowers

Red-blooming perennials come in two main types: bright red and a deep, burgundy red. If you’re after a perennial that produces bright red flowers, our red cardinal lobelia is a show-stopping favorite. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got several trilliums that produce burgundy-colored flowers. And our red daylily plants produce red flowers that fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

Perennials that produce yellow flowers

Our flowering perennials include several bright yellow flowers. Our St John’s wort is a popular medicinal flower and our yellow iris is a particularly hardy plant.

Perennials that produce blue flowers

If you’re after a blue specimen plant, you can’t look past our gorgeous blue wisteria. Or we have plenty of smaller blue-flowering perennials to choose from.

Perennials that produce purple flowers

Violets are an obvious choice that comes to mind at the mention of purple flowers but we’ve also got a great range of other purple flowers. Purple phacelia is both stunning and a magnet for bees and larkspur is always a popular choice for cottage gardens.

Perennials that produce orange flowers

Orange tends to be one of the hardest bloom colors to find but we stock several superb specimens. The Turk’s cap lily is particularly hardy and easy to grow and our orange daylily flowers profusely.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on a flowering perennial to suit your color scheme, we’ve got a variety of fantastic options for every bloom color. Buy yours today from just $4.99.

Tn Nursery has a Wide Color Variety of Perennials for Sale with Fast Shipping