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Frequently Asked Questions (Trees For Sale Online Nursery)
Every tree purchaser has the right to know what they are buying. We answer a few questions about our trees and online shopping for trees. Use this to go by

Here are some of the numerous asked questions we receive.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We give shipping discounts for multiple plants. We also include all packaging, taxes, and duties as part of our price. Shipping is calculated at checkout for your location and can be found on the product page, or if you're logged into your account on our website, it will be shown on the order confirmation page. If you have any further questions, use this to go by

Frequently Asked Questions Where do the trees come from?

They come from local nurseries or are shipped from our nursery. We specialize in shade and specimen trees, the best for home and commercial applications. Many nurseries you buy your tree at will cut down a tree to sell you a new one all the time with no guarantee that it will live soon after. Trees for sale online come straight from their respective nurseries with full knowledge of their viability and the grafting process.

Frequently Asked Questions What is the cost of a tree from you?

The price of a tree varies depending on the distance to our nursery, size, shape, custom features, etc. You can expect some trees to cost less and others to cost more. In general new trees will be higher priced than old ones even if they appear similar in size and shape. You can expect to pay the same price for trees regardless of the distance to our nursery.

Frequently Asked Questions What types of trees do you sell?

We specialize in a variety of fruit and shade trees. We carry apples, peaches, crabapples, pears, cherries, plums, almonds, and walnuts, to name a few. Our specialty is crabapples, and we have over 100 species in stock. All of our trees are grown from the most viable genetic lines; we can find some heirloom varieties, to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions How long will a tree survive after shipping?

This depends on the type of tree, the weather, and other variables. Most trees will live for at least a couple of years once planted. Many trees will live over 20 years in the ground if they are well cared for. Please notify us of your shipping date when purchasing a tree.

Frequently Asked Questions How much space do I need to plant a tree?

You will need 20 feet by 20 feet for one mature tree. This will enable the tree to grow, spread out, and have room to be pruned and cared for. This will also give you room for a lawnmower. The best location for an apple tree would be in full sun and available moist soil. A shade tree such as oak or beech will grow fine in partial light and drier soil.


Frequently Asked Questions What is grafting?


Grafting is the process of growing one species on the root system. It is essentially grafting one species onto another to speed up the growth process or change its fruit production characteristics. We graft apple trees to an apple rootstock to produce larger, sweeter, and more concentrated fruit than the wild type. We graft fruit trees onto a robust and fast-growing rootstock for more rapid growth.

Frequently Asked Questions Will we need help to grow the tree after it is shipped?

No, the tree should be in good health once it arrives. However, always inspect the tree before planting to ensure that all roots are intact and there are no dead or dying branches. Ensure you follow all directions for your new plant when planting. The key is to give the tree a chance to establish itself before it is too late.

Frequently Asked Questions How do I know what type of tree I should plant?

Some types of trees are better in certain areas than others. Crabapples are fast-growing, disease-resistant, and drought-tolerant if planted in fertile soil and full sun. Apples need fertile soil, full sunlight, and well-drained sites with regular irrigation if you are hoping for fruit production. Looking at past sales, you can generally tell the best trees for your area.

Frequently Asked Questions What Is A Hybrid tree?

A hybrid is a cross between two or more species or cultivars that result in a new variety that combines the best features of both parents. Usually, the new varieties are less disease resistant than their Latin names suggest. However, when hybrid trees are grown from seed and adequately cared for, they can be highly disease resistant and produce fruit as large as their parents.


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