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Tuesday, July 26

Planning Before Planting- How to Design a Flowerbed

Not much is much more delightful than a beautiful flowerbed. Am planning before planting isn’t tricky and ensures visual unity. The secret is to avoid creating a cluttered look by incorporating a few basic principles and Planting Instructions.

In the Beginning

The first thing to do is to decide where the flowerbed will be located. Over a few days, pay attention to how much sunlight the area receives. This knowledge will help with plant selection. Now is also the time to decide on extra features such as irrigation systems and lighting.

Deciding on a color scheme is also essential. Old-fashioned gardens incorporate many different colors. Contemporary gardens will only utilize one or two contrasting colors.

Principles of Good Design

A flowerbed serves two distinct purposes. They not only need to look good, but they also need to allow for optimal plant growth. It can be helpful to sketch a diagram of the flowerbed layout on paper. It would be best to layer the plants with the tallest ones in the back, medium ones in the middle, and the shortest ones along the front.

Mix in plenty of greenery to add texture and interest. The same principles of interior design apply to a garden. Balance is created by ensuring symmetry. What is done to one side should be repeated on the other? Don’t forget to include a focal point.

Visit a local nursery for recommendations on plant selection. They can tell you right away what types are the best for your space. Weed barrier can significantly reduce the maintenance workload, while mulch provides a finished look.


Leave enough space for plant growth. New plantings will look tremendously different next year.

When considering the flowerbed design, the lines don’t have to be limited to straight edges. Curved lines are also elegant.

It is a good idea to leave the tags on the plants until the following year. This way, they can be referenced for information on growing height and care.

Consider native plantings that are easy to maintain.

Remember to have fun. The beauty of designing a flowerbed is that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

A great place to search for ideas is in landscaping books or magazines. Regardless of the size or shape, designing a flowerbed expresses personal taste. With a little bit of advanced planning, any gardener can feel pride in creating something of value.

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