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How to plant Bare Root Roses. Visit TN Nursery

Roses are beautiful and wondrous flowers that many gardeners and homeowners at least plant one of in their garden or landscape area.

They come in wide varieties, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs or desires.

You can find super small shrubs like forms ranging in size. Some can be as large as a small tree. The process is more natural, and they will still yield beautiful blooms visually striking in any area. When you first see them, they will not be appealing at all as they are in their dormant stage. They look like a bit of a pile of sticks or twigs.

These are much easier to transplant and move to different areas and are also much less expensive than those bought growing in containers already. Like many other plants and flowers, roses will not bloom during the winter, and no growth happens during this period. It makes bare root roses a possibility because it does not receive any nutrients from the soil. Uprooting the plant will not be harmful or stressful for them at all.

When you buy this kind of rose plant, plant it as soon as possible before the growth period arrives again in the early springtime. Most recommend soaking the roots in room temperature water for about twenty-four hours before planting. It helps the roots rehydrate themselves slowly and naturally—a plant where it can get seven hours of light.

Also, adding about two to three inches of compost mix to the plant will drastically change its color and productivity and keep weeds at bay while maintaining moisture. Colors range in any you want, and you should try one they make an addition to your garden area.

Source of Information on Bare Root Roses

Red Weigelia - TN Nursery

Red Weigelia

Red weigelia is a deciduous ornamental plant known for its profusion of tubular, dark-red to pinkish-red flowers that attract pollinators and add a splash of color to garden landscapes. It is a versatile and attractive shrub commonly used in landscaping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. With its stunning trumpet-shaped flowers and unique foliage, this plant brings several benefits to landscaping projects. Red Weigelia is a Visual Delight It is a gorgeous plant. Its crimson tubular flowers captivate anyone who visits your home during the late spring to early summer period. Also, these flowers smell as unique as they look. Your garden will look like a red sea during this period. But it's not alone. They also have green foliage to complement the flowers as a backdrop. During the changing seasons, the foliage changes to different shades, including purple! It invokes the spirit of autumn so much that you'll want to get toasty by a little bonfire. Paint the Garden Red Weigelia When you add red weigelia to your garden, you add more than just a pretty plant. First, you can feel more confident as a new gardener. The low-maintenance plant can grow in many different soil types and conditions. While it works best in the full sun, partial shade is also acceptable. They are great in contrast to other flowers or by themselves. No matter your choice, the redness will make it a focal point for humans and insects. Bees and butterflies will flutter to the crimson-red flowers to eat their nectar, and help pollinate other plants. Meanwhile, the plant resists most pests. The Red Weigela is Compact Not everyone has a home with a big garden; we get that. Luckily, they are relatively compact. Its height and width are around 4-6 feet, though some plants can grow up to nine. This is good for smaller areas in your yard or garden. One way to reduce its size is to trim it. They can handle trimming if you want a consistent shape. But if you like to let it all grow out, the plant also thrives this way. Regardless of your route, they look excellent and are versatile for gardeners from most walks of life. TN Nursery has Red Weigelia This plant will make any garden better, regardless of design! Plus, it can add pollination to additional plants. You should add this to your garden for many reasons, and luckily, we can help. We ship red weigelia to most states!

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