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Imagine big beautiful trees without the wait....Plant  Fast Growing Trees

Isn't that the best kind to plant for your landscape enhancement?

When considering trees to add to your property or commercial establishment, few people want to wait for years and years to appreciate a fully mature tree. Many folks, however, are unaware that there is an abundance of rapid growers that can provide incredible shade, privacy, low maintenance, and stunning blooms in their landscape. Instead, most choose a little sapling that takes years of patience and attention to develop and nurture into maturity.

Let's be honest; trees contribute to the value of your home because they add instant curb appeal. Healthy trees absorb carbon dioxide, converting it to oxygen. Also, the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers says that a healthy, mature tree can boost the value of a home between $1,000 and $10,000.

Here are our favorite Fast Growing Trees:

American Red Maple. If you choose this beauty, you can bet on a growth spurt of three feet annually. You will be able to appreciate its brilliant red foliage and a thick canopy of shade in no time. The American Red maple does well in urban communities, even in air conditions with smog; The tree can also tough it out in various poor soil areas. Experts recommend this fast-growing, favorite shade tree in planting zones 4 through 9. This ornamental lovely prefers full sun.

Heritage River Birch. Many fresh bark textures and intricacy of multi branches with rich green canopies best describe this fantastic birch tree. This one can also see a healthy growth of up to three feet per year. The birch is one hardy member of the fast-growing trees club, resistant to diseases and pests, and with the ability to handle flooding, snow, ice, and anything else Mother Nature tosses, it's the way. It's recommended that the Heritage River birch is planted in zones 4 through 8. Full sun to partial shade allows this beauty to thrive.

Thuja Green Giant. Sometimes, privacy is critical for many property owners, and you want a line of trees that can efficiently provide that living wall. Choosing the Thuja Green Giant is a wise option because this evergreen grows before your very eyes, establishing a spurt of five feet per year. The pyramid-shaped tree full of dense, feathery foliage is attractive to look at without observing your neighbor's home or property. Zones 5 through 9 are ideal for this one.

Royal Empress Tree. If there were ever a tree that lives up to the name, it's this one. Regal and impressive, the Royal Empress is a champion of fast-growing trees at a rate of up to 6 feet annually. This beauty even delivers a gorgeous jasmine gardenia fragrance in spring. A burst of big purple blooms delights passersby, along with unique and vast, heart-shaped green leaves for incredible shade. This tree grows best in zones 7 through 9.

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Red Maple Tree - TN Nursery

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple trees are native to North America and are known for their striking spring scarlet flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and distinctive twigs and leaf stems. They are versatile and aesthetically pleasing choices for landscaping and offer various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With their striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, red maple trees have become popular residential and commercial landscaping options.  Regarding gardens, the Red Maple Tree is a particular case because it often exceeds 100 feet in height. Its imposing nature and brilliantly colored foliage during the spring and fall make it a breathtaking sight in any garden. It is a focal point because it will dominate any garden landscape. The Flowers Of The Red Maple Tree Comes When It's 8 Years Old This plant will produce blooms when it is roughly eight years old. When the flowers emerge from them, they are tiny and scarlet, giving this maple its name. Interestingly, these pretty little flowers appear as early as December each year so that they will add splashes of crimson to the winter landscape in the garden. The male and female flowers are each a different shade, adding to the color palette of this stately plant. The flowers of this plant fade by the end of May, but the plant still looks like it's got flowers in bloom after pollination of the flowers. After the flowers fall away, beautiful samaras form in clusters throughout the summer, contrasting with the leaves. The Leaves Of The Red Maple Tree The leaves are lush and verdant, and they have one of the most famous shapes of any leaf in the plant kingdom. However, as the leaves turn colors in the autumn, they're not just one color. Gorgeous streaks of orange and yellow form throughout them, creating an almost kaleidoscopic effect as the eyes take in the majesty of the plant. Because this plant has so many colors, it goes well with many perennials of different shades, accentuating the colors of the other plants in the garden and vice versa. Because it is such a large plant for any garden, it's just right as a host for epiphytic plants to grow upon it. In this way, this plant can be integrated into the garden. Environmental Impact Of The Red Maple Tree Red Maple Tree is a necessary part of the food cycle as winter turns to spring, particularly for bumble bees. Because it flowers so early, it provides an exceptional source of pollen and nectar for hungry pollinators before almost any other plants bloom or produce leaves. These plants also help prevent soil erosion with their root systems, especially in wet climates.

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Package of 6 Fast Growing Tree Collection - TN Nursery

Package of 6 Fast Growing Trees - Top Growers, Selected For Your Zone

Get six fast growing trees that are hand-chosen and ideally suited for your shipping zone. This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for--and they grow quicker than most others. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE A COLLECTION OF PLANTS, NOT SPECIFIC PLANT TYPES. WE CHOOSE TYPES THAT WORK BEST FOR YOUR ZONE ACCORDING TO YOUR ZIP CODE If You Want A Quick Landscape Try Fast Growing Trees Fast Growing Trees Package: Imagine this. You want to shade your yard but do not wish to wait decades to reap the benefits of nurturing one. TN Nursery hears that concern from customers regularly. In response to that concern, we have assembled this. This kit is ready-to-grow and contains six robust three- to four-foot seedlings that are easy to plant and care for—and they grow quicker than most others. This is of tremendous value. You get not only the six but also the knowledge of our horticulture staff. We hand-select your collection based on your specific U.S.D.A. planting zone so that you will receive only suitable ones for your local planting conditions.  They are a remarkable flora category renowned for their rapid vertical expansion and prolific branching. These arboreal wonders captivate both nature enthusiasts and landscapers alike, offering an array of benefits that extend beyond their quick growth. One of their most striking features is their astonishing ability to reach towering heights relatively quickly. Some species can grow several feet yearly, immediately and dramatically impacting the landscape. This attribute makes them invaluable for creating natural privacy screens, windbreaks, or shading large areas in a fraction of the time it would take other ones to mature. These Fast Growing Trees Offers Stunning Foliage Their foliage is equally impressive. Lush, vibrant leaves blanket their branches, casting cooling shadows and providing a visual feast throughout the seasons. In spring, these plants burst forth with fresh, delicate leaves, while in autumn, they often put on a spectacular show of fiery colors, enhancing the aesthetic charm of any territory they grace. Beyond their aesthetic value, they are crucial in environmental conservation. Their rapid growth rate means they can sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere quicker than their slower counterparts. Moreover, their extensive root systems help prevent soil erosion and improve soil quality by increasing nutrient availability. Help Save Wildlife With Fast Growing Trees They attract diverse wildlife, including birds, insects, and small mammals, adding vibrancy to local ecosystems. In urban settings, their cooling shade can lower energy costs and reduce the heat island effect, making them invaluable in mitigating the impacts of climate change.  In conclusion, fast growing trees are nature's champions of speed and resilience. Their impressive vertical ascent, lush foliage, and positive ecological contributions make them indispensable assets in landscaping, environmental conservation, and creating thriving, vibrant ecosystems. Whether you seek a quick solution for privacy, a canopy of shade, or an ally in combating climate change, they offer a remarkable blend of beauty and utility.

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River Birch Tree - TN Nursery

River Birch Tree

The River Birch Tree is a medium-sized deciduous type native to North America. It is prized for its distinctive peeling bark, triangular leaves, and tolerance for wet or poorly drained soils. It is highly valued in landscaping for its aesthetic appeal, adaptability, and numerous benefits. With their unique characteristics and practical advantages, river birches are famous for enhancing outdoor spaces. The River Birch Tree is a deciduous shade-giver with charming, ornamental features for every season. It grows quickly, averaging up to 40 feet tall with a proportionate 30-foot canopy, and it is best known for its vibrant leaves and unusual bark.   River Birch Tree Has Stunning Foliage It showcases true forest green foliage. Serrated edges give each leaf character, and the leaves grow on delicate branches that move easily with the wind. The leaves' alternating arrangement gives them space to flutter, and the combined effect catches the eye in even a light breeze. In autumn, the green turns to gold. This gorgeous plant puts on a bright show at the end of the growing season. A single plant or small stand can add seasonal color to gardens after the summer flowers have had their turn. River Birch Tree Has Unique Bark As lovely as its leaves are, this plant's claim to fame is its bark. Contrasting colors pop, and this species' vivid black, white, brown, and salmon bark looks like an Impressionist painting brought to life. The bark naturally peels in papery layers as it grows, creating a shifting display that has enchanted artists and poets for centuries. It's a wonderful trait for gardens and landscape designs. Even without leaves, this plant adds color and visual texture throughout the year. River Birch Tree Has Flowers It has unusual flowers. Instead of petaled blooms in spring, their catkins decorate otherwise bare branches through winter. The catkins grow larger in early spring, and the unusual flowers are relatively discreet. They serve as points of interest for guests and hopeful, seasonal signals that a long, hard winter is ending. River Birch Tree invites nature into any space. They're great choices for birdwatchers because they attract hummingbirds and various songbirds. Seeds from fertilized catkins draw many species, and their structure also supports safe nests, so it isn't unusual for chicks to grow up singing in one. Several types of butterflies visit them as well. These plants deliver practical and ornamental benefits for landscapers seeking fast-growing and attractive trees. Their shade, colors, and feathered guests transform outdoor spaces into welcoming environments.

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