Cherry Trees - Growing in Your Own Garden

Tuesday, September 13

Growing Cherry Trees

Cherries have an excellent taste and appearance, which can tempt anyone. Growing cherry trees can be as enjoyable as consuming these beautiful cherries. If you love cherries and want to grow them in your garden, you can do so as they are readily available in nurseries.

Types: There are two different types of cherries sweet and sour. Sweet cherries can be quickly grown in your garden, and sour cherries are cultivated and harvested by farmers. Stella and Sunburst are a few varieties of these cherry trees. These trees grow approximately 20-30 feet tall.

Climate: The best time to grow cherry trees is when the temperature is moderate, meaning they require a temperature that is neither too hot nor freezing.

Soil: To grow cherry trees, you would require well-drained land. Cherry trees do not grow well in a wetland and must be well-drained. The soil's pH level should be between 6.2 - 6.8 for better plant growth.


You can plant cherry trees by sowing a few seeds in your garden or by purchasing small plants. However, it may take a few years for the seeds to grow into young plants. Most people buy young plants from nurseries as it is easier to grow them, and it saves time also. Choose a perfect location and dig at least thrice the size of the root ball where you want to grow them so the roots can grow and expand properly. Remove any twigs or unwanted stones and pebbles. Place the plant and add a good amount of animal manure to make the soil fertile. Once the tree has been planted, you need to water it regularly.

Pruning: These wonderful trees also require occasional pruning as they tend to become bushy. You should remove any weak and dead branches, so the tree gets ample sunlight and air to grow properly. Pruning also helps in maintaining an excellent shape.

Dangers: The most dangerous predators of cherry trees are birds; you will have to protect these trees as birds may not leave a single cherry for you to enjoy after all the hard work you put in. You can use a cage to protect the trees or even netting to save them from birds.

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