TN Nursery's Best Selling Plants: Top Choices from a Premier Plant Nursery

Discover the top choices from TN Nursery, your go-to plant nursery for the highest quality and variety. Our plant nursery offers a curated selection of best-selling plants that thrive in various environments. Explore the finest plants that our plant nursery has to offer and transform your garden with our customer favorites. Trust TN Nursery for your plant nursery needs and enjoy a flourishing, beautiful landscape.

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TN Nursery - A DTC Sustainable Online Plant Nursery Company, Since 1959

TN Nursery is your trusted online source for high-quality plants, offering a diverse selection to meet all your gardening needs. As an established plant nursery, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service and expert advice to ensure your garden flourishes. Shop online at TN Nursery to discover a wide variety of plants, including rare and hard-to-find species. Transform your outdoor space with our healthy, vibrant plants delivered directly to your door.

Specialty Plants

TN Online Nursery Ships Bare-Root Dormant Plants

At TN Nursery, we specialize in shipping an exquisite selection of dormant, bare root plants that promise vibrant growth and stunning beauty in your garden the following Spring season. Each plant is carefully cultivated and prepared in its dormant state, with no greenery, blooms, leaves, or foliage upon arrival. This highly successful dormant state is a process that not only enhances the plant's adaptability but also makes them easier to handle, cuts the shipping costs down by 500% or more and much easier to plant. Our bare root plants, shipped without containers, provide a sustainable and efficient solution, reducing waste and allowing the plants to establish strong, healthy roots in their new home. Trust TN Nursery to deliver robust, high-quality plants that will flourish and bring lasting beauty to your outdoor spaces.

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Do you have plants for my zone?

Absolutely, we have seed sources for all zones and we will make sure that we send plants perfectly suited for your zone.

Do you ship to my state?

We ship nationwide - most of our products has a ship now or ship spring option. We ship out all orders within three days after order placement or if you choose spring, we will choose the best time for your area.

Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely, we have a 100% satisfaction warranty. We guarantee your plants will grow and thrive for one full year after receiving them.

Our Rich Heritage & History In Plants:

TN Nursery

The history of TN Online Plant Nursery dates back to 1959, spanning three generations of knowledgeable nurserymen and women. Located in the heart of the nursery capital in middle Tennessee, TN Nursery is a family-owned and operated mail order plant nursery. Originally founded by Roscoe Tate, a respected small nurseryman with extensive connections throughout the US, TN Nursery has continued to grow and flourish. Today, it is ran by and plants still brought in by Roscoe's children and grandchildren. We run an effective business by maintaining a hands-on approach to ensure exceptional service. We take pride in our commitment to being accessible, even personally greeting customers who visit our warehouse for pickup.