Affordable Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Affordable Landscaping

Landscaping is truly the icing on the cake for a homeowner. "The exterior of the home creates the first impression, and it must shine," states Tammy Sons, owner of Tn Nursery, a mail-order nursery in Tennessee.

Planting plants help make a home's landscape seem like a private oasis. However, paying a landscaping company to do the work can be pretty pricey! With a bit of know-how, clever buying tips, and hard work, any home exterior can have a pristine look.

Landscaping is better understood as creating outdoor rooms or living spaces. Just like the interior of a home is partitioned by walls, furniture, etc., the outdoor space is aesthetically separated by plants, shrubs, trees, gates, stone walls, etc. Thinking about landscaping in these terms will make any project seem less daunting and much easier to accomplish. Instead of landscaping an entire yard, the property can be divided into exterior "rooms" if the budget does not allow for the entire project to be accomplished at one time.

Using Trees for your landscape

Because trees take longer to grow to the desired size, plant them as soon as possible. They are foundational to any landscape, provide a canopy, habitat for many helpful animals, and anchor the soil. Next to consider are shrubs, namely bushes. Plant these in groupings according to sun preference, along fences, etc. Staggering them according to mature height is always an aesthetic look. Perennials are ornamental grasses and flowers that grow back each year. Perennials can add stunning color and life to any landscape.

Where can all of these plants be found at a low cost? Many creative home-landscapers have found excellent ways to complete the job on a tiny budget. Some landscapers exchange with other homeowners. Wide varieties need "thinning" throughout their life cycle. This process involves breaking the underground structure of the plant to prevent overcrowding. Many homeowners are willing to give away plants like Hostas and flower bulbs to maintain the yard. Another excellent method of plant procurement is checking falling prices at nurseries and other stores. Different varieties are staggered throughout the selling season in the spring and summer. It is often easy to find heavily discounted prices for various varieties. Be sure to check reduced items toward the middle and end of summer. All growing things must go by that time, and store managers are willing to make deals.

Landscaping is truly rewarding when the job is finished. Much money is saved by breaking the task into smaller sections, purchasing at discounted nurseries, and doing the work personally. The aesthetic reminder of a well-landscaped yard is well worth it!

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