Wood Mint 6-12"

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Latin Name- Blephilia Hardy Zone-4-8 Mature Height-12-18inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Wood mint


Wood mint gives you beautiful pink and purple flowers that will bloom together, and they will fill up your garden in the spring and summer months. This is an unusual plant because it does not smell like the traditional mint that you are expecting, and it will give you some chances to enjoy its pleasing aroma and colors while it blooms.

They will come back every year when the spring comes around, and you will find them growing in an advantageous place. They will grow up faster than almost anything you could have chosen, and you will see that it is much easier to manage these plants because they do not grow too large or spread too far.

You may use the wood mint when you have little other options in your garden, and you will find that the wood mint allows you to have a lovely time in the garden specifically because it is so soft and pretty. You will achieve the colorful garden you have been hoping for, and you will learn quickly that you need not purchase anything but large flowers that will stand alone. You may choose the wood mint because it clusters, gives you a nice aroma and has beautiful spring colors everyone loves.

Wood mint is a wonderful plant that is native to the Eastern part of the United States.
There are many culinary uses for this plant including teas, jellies, and jams.
This unusual plant is a medicinal herb used to treat common colds and fevers.
The Wood mint has been used for centuries by Native American tribes to ward off evil sprits during a time of death.


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