Typha Latifolia- Broad Leaf Cattail

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Typha Latifolia- Broad Leaf Cattail For Sale Affordable Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery


Typha Latifolia- Broad Leaf Cattail, bulrush, cat'-o-nine-tails, cooper's reed, great romance, common bulrush, or cumbungi. This perennial herbaceous plant is of the genus Typha; found in locations around the world. Typha Latifolia introduces as a species in Australia and Hawaii. It's a hardy and durable plant that increases in all sorts of marshy places.

This species measures are from around 5 to 10 feet tall when fully mature. It has 3/4 to 1/12 inch wide broad green leaves that extend vertically from the stalk. These leaves generally reach lengths of between 2 or 3 feet. Its flowers appear as cylindrically shaped fluffy brown staminate flowers. Pistillate flowers are located below and are usually firm and green.


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This "obligate wetland" species are found in many different climates. It will always be located in, or near, water. It can grow in brackish saltwater or freshwater marshes. Climate locations include tropical, subtropical, southern or northern temperate, dry continental or humid coastal regions. It grows at elevations ranging from sea level to 7,500 feet. It is a native species to North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Eurasia. It has also been found in all provinces of Hawaii and Australia as an invasive species. Other areas where it can grow but is not native include Malasia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.


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Typha Latifolia- Broad Leaf Cattail can be distinguished from other similar species by the presence of a few standard features. The flowering staminate and pistillate flowers found on the Typha latifolia are in different places than the bulbs on the Typha angustifolia. In addition to this, the Typha latifolia has broad leaves and stalks that are larger than most other Typha species.

Additional Information
Indigenous cultures in British Columbia us this plant as a food source. The rhizomes are edible after their skin removes and they cook. The flowers are consumable.


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