NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Shrubs For Zone 7

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Shrubs For Zone 7

Buy Shrubs for Zone 7 help to landscape effectively from Tn Nursery

Shrubs For Zone 7

No landscape plan is complete without the addition of shrubs. With so many varieties available in the shrubbery family, it is easy to find the perfect plant for every landscape need. No matter the planting zone, soil type or water conditions, there is a plant for every situation.

Flowering Shrubs
Perhaps the most popular in the shrub family, flowering varieties grace landscapes across the country. Not only do flowering plants provide beauty to a view, but they also attract birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. Some popular flowering choices are azalea, forsythia, and hydrangea.

Shrubs for Zone 7 are often used as hedges with evergreens

Evergreen Shrubs
Evergreen varieties provide so much visual interest all year round. Their main benefit is retaining their leaves and color throughout the entire year, especially in the colder winter months when not much else is thriving. Popular evergreen choices are boxwood, euonymus, photinia, and holly.

Living hedges are an ideal alternative to fencing or other means of boundary marking. They are often made of evergreen varieties that are easy to prune into a wall shape. Some popular choices for creating these plant walls are holly, boxwood, and mountain laurel.

Shrubs for Zone 7 can fill small areas beautifully

Small Areas
Small areas can benefit from a well-placed shrub provides that it is the right variety that will not overwhelm the space that is available. The following shrubs are all less than 5 feet in height: cranberry cotoneaster, Bella Anna hydrangea and then lo and behold butterfly bush.

Border Plants
Using a combination of shrub varieties in a border not only ensures visual interest but also proves to be a low maintenance way to landscape. Some great border combinations are hydrangea with login spirea and blue star juniper with Japanese skimmias. Combining textures, heights and colors make an exciting and beautiful border planting.

Landscape designers often choose which shrub they will use and where they will place it before designing the rest of their landscaping plants. It is the shrub that anchors the entire landscape, provides visual interest and dictates which companion plants should be planted. Investing in a quality shrub ensures years of enjoyment for homeowners and their neighbors alike.

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