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Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum)

Trout Lily: Erythronium americanum, or the trout lily, is a native wildflower that grows well in almost every growing zone in the contiguous United States. They attract myriad pollinators, including the elusive Adrena miner bee, when blooming.

The trout lily is unfussy and easy to maintain. It is hardy and resists insects, pests, and diseases.

Trout lily prefers well-drained, loose soil and basking in the full sun. So once you find a sunny to partially sunny spot where you can de-compact the soil water if needed, you will have a beautiful specimen for your garden.

Erythronium americanum also has several other common names, such as:

  • Dog-Tooth Violet
  • Fawn Lily
  • Yellow Adder's Tongue
  • Yellow trout lily

TN Nursery customers purchase the trout lily to enjoy in full-sun flower beds or as border flowers.

The Trout Lily Is Lovely When It Blooms

The trout lily blooms in the early spring and then goes dormant as the early summer begins to heat the earth. Although it puts on a short display of color in the spring, it is lovely.

With a short cycle, why do gardeners prize this flower? It's all about the timing. The flowers appear yearly before the summertime blossoms arrive, but after early spring, flowering bulbs fade.

The attractive medium-toned, elliptic-shaped green leaves form in pairs that measure about six inches tall. The green hue may have slight brown mottling. The weight of each leaf causes a subtle but lovely curve near the top.

The lemony yellow inch-and-a-half bell-shaped flower grows from a sturdy green stalk. It displays six petals that gently curve backward at the tip. Some petals might have a slight hint of purple on the back.

The trout lily is a lovely native wildflower, well-suited to almost every climate.

Order Your Trout Lily From TN Nursery Today

Order your trout lily bare-root plants today for a wash of lemon yellow blossoms in the late spring.

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