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Showy Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium Reginae

Showy Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium Reginae

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Showy Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium Reginae

The Showy Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium Reginae is an endangered perennial.. This unique flower is excellent for attracting pollinators to your garden and helping to preserve an important species. This species is a highly sought-after shade yearly and is not harvested commercially because it is a rare and endangered plant. This means you can be sure your specimen plants are guaranteed to be eco-friendly and responsibly harvested. 

The Showy Pink Ladyslipper Plants are Rare, the Largest of all Orchids, and Means "Queen" In Latin

These rare beauties are the tallest of all North American orchids. The Latin name of this beauty is "Queen," which is a magical perennial plant that has lived for decades. This unique and colorful species of lady slipper will bring eye-catching beauty to your garden with its vibrant pink and white petals. Their perennial nature ensures they'll bloom again each spring.

The plant has a hairy stable stalk adorning upto three flowers on each stem. The color of the bulb-shaped blooms is rose and snow white Pink Ladyslipper - Cypripedium Reginae is a perfect selection for gardeners who want to provide durable visual interest to any outdoor space.ts. Delicate flowers emerge in the spring, providing an elegant accent all season long. 

Showy Pink Ladyslippers are Prized In President's Gardens and The Queens

This exotic and rare perennial is prized for high-ranking officials and highly sought after by employers, Queens, Kings, and American Presidents. It is known for its stunning beauty, with blooms of up to 2 inches in size and dark green foliage that provides a vivid contrast to the delicate pink flowers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
geri Csonka
healthy plants....

Plants came really healthy, can wait until spring when they will come up

Emily C.
Amazing product!

This dormant showy lady slipper plant went right into my special growing medium and I can’t wait to see how it does as the season changes. Thank you so much!

Elisabeth Westfall
Healthy roots

My Lady slippers arrived they’re already in the ground and im lookin forward seeing them grow. The roots looked great and had a small “sprout” coming from them both so im sure they’ll grow.

Margery Petersen
Looked ok

I received the plant within 2 days of ordering it. I planted it the next day. I saw 2 pips, so I think it's in good shape. I'll find out next Spring.