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 Grab Bags are planted we have a surplus of and we are offering the same species or many different species in once package. All our plants are fresh dug and shipped as soon as we dig these type plants.

DIY Gardening Advice 

Many modern homeowners who embark on do-it-yourself projects to quickly gain personal satisfaction find that it's also an excellent way to save money. People who grow their vegetables, for instance, save cash at the grocery store regularly. Even those unfamiliar with gardening techniques can quickly learn easy gardening practices resulting in thriving gardens full of fresh produce. 


 Although garden plants are widely available in small pots at home and garden stores, even those who are new to gardening can start vegetables from seeds on sunny windowsills. Inexpensive peat pots can be used for beginning vegetables, culinary herbs, and other tender garden plants several weeks before the final frost date. When outdoor temperatures permit, the peat pots can be placed directly into the plant's permanent location, where they will slowly decompose, allowing root systems to develop quickly. 


 The average back yard can provide enough produce to give an average family of six with vegetables, and those who learn easy gardening techniques can significantly expand their yield. For instance, some plants perform better in hanging baskets than they do when planted directly into the ground. Cherry tomatoes only need a sunny location and relatively rich potting soil to produce hundreds of delicious tiny tomatoes that can be picked easily when grown in hanging baskets near the kitchen door.


 Fortunately, gardening isn't difficult to learn, and it often doesn't require as much space as many people believe. Even those living in urban environments whose only outdoor space is a small balcony or patio can grow some food containers. A little soil, sun, and water are all needed for the successful growth of food.


How To Garden on A Budget With quality plants offered from Tn Nursery


When you do not have enough money for alot of plants, garden plants or gardening supplies, a beautiful garden can sometimes seem like an impossible idea. However, there are a few ways to save money while you purchase what you need so that you can have the garden of your dreams.


One of the best ways to save money while gardening on a budget is to plant seeds and grow your garden plants from them instead of buying and planting fully mature plants. Many fully grown plants can be quite expensive when purchased from a store or nursery. Dried seeds, on the other hand, are usually very affordable. Although this method can take a bit more time and care, it can also be much more rewarding. You will be able to see your hard work pay off as the plants begin to grow. This method may not work for every plant you want to grow, but you can splurge on other mature plants if you use it for what you can.


Another great way to save money while gardening is to purchase garden plants from an online garden center. An online garden center is often much more affordable than your local garden center. Plants and gardening supplies can be much less expensive. Also, by using an online garden center, you can shop around for the best prices. You may also be getting more of a plant selection online than the seasonal section at the local garden center.


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Save Money by Planting Bare Root Trees 

Landscaping projects can become extremely expensive quickly. You need to find every way possible to save money without compromising on quality. Trees can represent a significant portion of your budget. How can you save money when planting trees? The answer is to substitute bare root trees.


 What are bare root trees? Typically, you buy a sapling with a large ball of dirt that encases and protects the roots. This are many ways to protect tree's support system, but it also adds to the weight. Thus, the cost of shipping trees in this way is raised. You can get rid of much of the tree's weight if you do not ship with the ball of dirt. A bare root tree is typically up to half the cost of an equivalent potted tree.


 Besides the cost, you will find that tree nurseries tend to have a greater variety of bare root trees available than dirt-encased. They require less space so that tree nurseries can order more. Also, these trees are often more resilient in terms of their roots when planting. Research shows that bare roots allow for greater surface area upon planting. This allows the trees to adapt to their environment more quickly. 


 Bare roots require some special handling. They will not have a good success rate if they are not planted during the dormant season. This will be late fall when no leaves are present. You will also need to waste no time in getting the tree into the ground. If you follow those guidelines, though, these trees have a 93 percent success rate.