NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Perennials can make a great addition to any garden

If you're looking to put together a magnificent residential landscape for your property, be sure to choose some lovely perennial plants that will provide some striking color for years to come. By organizing your garden into sections and making use of plentiful sunshine, your plants should thrive. From Virginia bluebells to Dutchman's breeches to many different perennials, here are some landscaping tips that will make your house stand out.

Focus on Height

Put the tallest plants near the very back of the garden for best effect. Towering plants, especially climbers that tend to work their way up fences, will block shorter plants if not positioned correctly. For example, the Dutchman's breeches, which are only a few inches tall, should do well in the front of an island garden or along borders.

Go for Different Colors

A garden filled with perennial plants is supposed to be colorful. The brilliant lavender of Virginia bluebells will contrast nicely with baneberry, which produces cherry-red berries that are a beautiful contrast to the surrounding green foliage. On the other hand, Ajuga is a useful groundcover that can sport blue, pink, or even white flowers once spring kicks into high gear.

Check Your Soil Type

Soils can exhibit a wide variety of textures and can range from mostly sand to mostly clay. Because each surface has different drainage characteristics, you should only plant perennials that will thrive in your native soil type. Soils can constantly be amended, of course, with compost, organic matter, vermiculite, and other materials.

Watch Out for Bloom Time on Your Favorite Perennial Plants

Whether you're interested in baneberry or ajuga, or other perennial shrubs, consider the bloom time of the different species you are planting. While some will bloom for three whole months, others will show color for only a week or two. Armed with the correct information, you can create a beautiful perennial garden that will pay dividends for a long time.