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Choose Perennials With Your Choice Of Bloom Color

Amplify your garden style by choosing perennials in your favorite bloom colors. Our Tn Nursery has a large selection of perennials that will add depth and interest to your landscape.

What is a Perennial?

Perennials can be plants or flowers that die off then regrow each season. Found in most gardens, perennials are the backbone to good landscape design.

You can plant perennial flowers alongside annuals and bulbs, or singularly across an entire garden bed. Besides, perennials often increase in size each year and allow you to divide the plant for more planting options.

Along with perennial plants having the ability to bloom year after year, the ability to divide them lowers overall cost and maintenance as you use them to fill in bare areas in your garden.

The Impact of Color Of Perennials

No matter what color of bloom you want to highlight in your garden, it will have the most impact when you use plants that display in the same color scheme. Shades of purples, yellows or reds add a sense of delight and serenity to your landscape.

When you aren't sure what perennial plants to purchase for your garden plan, w you can shop for bloom colors with our new plant finder. The plant finder eliminates the hassle of not knowing the exact color flower a plant will display if the bloom is not already open on the perennial plant.

By choosing perennials with your choice of bloom color, you can control the overall look of your garden. Teaming your choice of perennials with bulbs and annuals in the same color will add dimension to your landscape.

Our Tn Nursery has a large selection of perennials w you can shop for bloom colors with our new plant finder system that makes it simple to purchase an array of plants to suit your garden's color scheme.