NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.


Taking care of your home is very important; so is adding style. You can add style to your curb appeal to plant Crepe Myrtle Varieties plants on the outside or inside your home. These plants add so much beauty to a home, and a great thing about them is that you mix and match the several varieties of these plants. Because they come in so many varieties, these plants can be used to add an accent color to a home, or you can mix them to create a vibrant appeal to your home. Many people don’t plant plants in their homes because they are concerned about the upkeep of the plant, but this variety of plants are straightforward to care for, thus making them an excellent option for people looking for a way to add something special to a home.

Red Crepe Myrtle: This lovely species of plants adds a great pop of color to any home. The Red Crepe Myrtle is a very versatile plant because it comes in various sizes, from smaller four-inch flowers to the taller twelve inches. Also, their vibrant reddish wine color makes them appeal to a lot of people. These flowers grow during the summer months, when the sun is brightest, because the sun can supply these plants with several essential nutrients. In addition, the red crepe myrtle doesn’t grow well in soils that are wet and mushy. Also, these plants should not be pruned too much because they can easily lose their excellent shape. To highlight, these plants would make a lovely addition to anyone’s garden because of their vibrancy.

Natchez White: These are a lovely variety of flowers that can complement almost every plant because of their beautiful white color. These plants are lovely because they make fine specimen plants and decorative plants. Typically, the Natchez White plants are used in groups to help add more color to a garden. In addition, one of the best functions of this plant is that they can be used in a decorative border of a garden because they can be easily trimmed and cared for. These plants tend to do better in full sun and drained souls because the sun helps prevent mildew from attacking the plant. Also, one of the best ways to keep your plant healthy, vibrant and happy would be to not over-fertilize and over-water it because that minimizes the number of white flowers that will bloom. These plants are a great addition to any garden because of their versatility, ease of care, and beauty.

Purple Crepe Myrtle:

These plants are breathtaking. As the name implies, the Purple Crepe Myrtles are vibrant purple flowers that grow full to partial sun. There are many reasons why these plants are great for your home; they are very resistant to infections, bugs, and general diseases. In addition, these plants have a moderate to fast growth rate. The Purple Crepe Myrtle tends to grow better in slightly moist soil, but as long as it is not drenched in water. These plants grow thick clusters of berry color purple flowers, which look full and colorful. The plant's foliage is very thick and green, and these plants can grow to be up to 10 feet tall. One thing is for sure: these mid-sized berry color plants are a great way to add a punch of purple to a home.

Pink Crepe Myrtle: Like their purple cousins, the pink crepe myrtle is a slightly sizeable mid-sized plant that tends to grow best in sunny conditions because the sun can provide this plant with several necessary nutrients that help it grow thick and tall. This plant grows to be a total height of 12 to 15 feet, which is slightly larger than the purple varieties. These plants are very resistant, and they can last for a long time. These plants are stunning, and they go great with several color combinations. If you are thinking about starting a garden, the crepe myrtle varieties are a fantastic option.

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