Soloman Seal Plant

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Soloman's Seal - Fairybells – Disporum Flavens

The disporum fiary bell or soloman seal plants are a grouping of woodland flowers usually referred to as fairy bells. Although many gardeners have not heard of this particular plant, they thrive in either dappled sunlight or shaded areas and provide a gorgeous accent to any garden. They are not difficult to grow and will enhance the beauty of any garden. The name of the plant comes from the lovely bell shape of the flowers, and they are known for producing a lush foliage and gorgeous berries. The scent of the flowers is soft and sweet and quite pleasing to the senses. Fairy bells begin to flower in the mid to late spring with beautiful flowers that gradually turn from a light green to a luscious pale yellow. Each flower has six petals and will eventually bloom in vivid shades of orange and red with eye-catching oval leaves. The colors are phenomenal and will bring your garden to life. The berries are not edible, but the color is a wonderful blue-black and quite attractive. You will quickly discover your plants will attract hummingbirds and butterfly are to your garden and work incredibly well as borders. There is something special about a garden alive with different colors and shapes that mesh together with perfection.Fairybells will have delicate little flowers when in bloom. Fairybells will also work well as a ground cover in some gardens. They will spread but will not become invasive plants and take an area over. They do well in fully shaded areas best and will grow in moist and can adapt to different types of soil. This plant will add lots of color and life to a garden or natural area and will be beautiful when in bloom.



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