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Deer Resistant Plants

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Deer Resistant Plants

For those of us who reside in communities populated with deer, finding plants that the beautiful but pesky critters leave alone remains a challenge. Our nursery provides gardeners with a wide variety of colorful and practical perennial plants that deer leave alone. Also, on top of being deer resistant, these plants attract butterflies and other desirable garden insects.

Different Types Of Deer Resistant Plants


This hardy plant grows well in zones three through nine, and love light exposures from shade to full sun. Coneflowers grow up to a little less than three feet tall when mature, and look great in both formal and natural gardens. Plant a few for a pop of bright color or a full bed of Echinacea to enjoy their blossoms.

Red Cardinal Lobelia
This bright red beauty adds a lovely accent to your landscape design. Hardy from zones three to nine, the Red Cardinal Lobelia reaches a height of just under three feet tall. You can grow the Red Cardinal Lobelia by water gardens, ponds and in standard garden beds for a pop of vibrant red color.

Halls Japanese Honeysuckle-Lonicera Japonica
Halls Japanese Honeysuckle not only looks and smells sweet but it's edible, too. This plant produces delicate yellow and white flowers that attract wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The deer strictly avoid eating the plant, however. The dainty flowers and the sweet perfume of the Halls Flowering Japanese Honeysuckle bloom in the spring, adding a welcome spot of color to a world that's greening up for the year.

Spotted Touch Me Not Plant- Impatiens Capensis
Spotted Touch Me Not produces small yellow flowers with orange spots. It blooms throughout the spring and summer and reaches about three feet in height. The unusual blossoms will cause your neighbors to comment and compliment these plants and their flowers. Spotted Touch Me Not is hardy from zones six through ten.

Deer Resistant Plants