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Every shopper wants to get the best price and best quality products from the market.

Directly approaching wholesalers would not be an easy option, so we tend to go to retailers or nearby stores. However, it is possible to get products directly from wholesalers who can provide the best quality at a very competitive price. If you have a garden and love plants, purchasing bulk quantities from a wholesaler can benefit you.

Tennessee Nursery is amongst those wholesalers who do not just provide the best quality plants and products. You can also get ample information about the plants by visiting the blog regularly.

TN Nursery has been in the wholesale business for a very long time and has provided customers the ease to shop online or through a phone. Retailers and home gardeners can browse the official website https://www.tnnursery.net and find the plants most suitable to their needs. You can also order plants online, and the nursery will get them delivered to your doorstep. The best part is that you do not require a tax ID or nursery license to purchase from us. Just choose the plants, add them to the cart and check out to pay for the order. It is that simple.

The best part is that you end up saving money on bulk orders.

Since we are among Tennessee's oldest businesses, we share our experience by providing you the right kind of plants for your surroundings, be it indoor or outdoor plants. The varieties are endless to suit your landscaping ideas.

TN Nursery is proud to be the wholesale supplier of the Discovery Channel and the American Nursery and Landscape Association member. Our expertise in the field answers the simple question- Why should you buy from us?

If you want more information about growing plants, landscaping, and gardening, please visit our blog as we update it regularly, providing interesting information on various plants and tree.

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Red Maple Tree - TN Nursery

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple trees are native to North America and are known for their striking spring scarlet flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and distinctive twigs and leaf stems. They are versatile and aesthetically pleasing choices for landscaping and offer various benefits that enhance outdoor spaces. With their striking foliage, adaptable nature, and environmental contributions, red maple trees have become popular residential and commercial landscaping options.  Regarding gardens, the Red Maple Tree is a particular case because it often exceeds 100 feet in height. Its imposing nature and brilliantly colored foliage during the spring and fall make it a breathtaking sight in any garden. It is a focal point because it will dominate any garden landscape. The Flowers Of The Red Maple Tree Comes When It's 8 Years Old This plant will produce blooms when it is roughly eight years old. When the flowers emerge from them, they are tiny and scarlet, giving this maple its name. Interestingly, these pretty little flowers appear as early as December each year so that they will add splashes of crimson to the winter landscape in the garden. The male and female flowers are each a different shade, adding to the color palette of this stately plant. The flowers of this plant fade by the end of May, but the plant still looks like it's got flowers in bloom after pollination of the flowers. After the flowers fall away, beautiful samaras form in clusters throughout the summer, contrasting with the leaves. The Leaves Of The Red Maple Tree The leaves are lush and verdant, and they have one of the most famous shapes of any leaf in the plant kingdom. However, as the leaves turn colors in the autumn, they're not just one color. Gorgeous streaks of orange and yellow form throughout them, creating an almost kaleidoscopic effect as the eyes take in the majesty of the plant. Because this plant has so many colors, it goes well with many perennials of different shades, accentuating the colors of the other plants in the garden and vice versa. Because it is such a large plant for any garden, it's just right as a host for epiphytic plants to grow upon it. In this way, this plant can be integrated into the garden. Environmental Impact Of The Red Maple Tree Red Maple Tree is a necessary part of the food cycle as winter turns to spring, particularly for bumble bees. Because it flowers so early, it provides an exceptional source of pollen and nectar for hungry pollinators before almost any other plants bloom or produce leaves. These plants also help prevent soil erosion with their root systems, especially in wet climates.

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