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Sweet Shrub

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Sweet Shrubs Blooms Blood Red In Spring Time


 Known for its sweet aroma, the Sweet Shrub (Calycanthus floridus) also is known by three other names, the Bubby Blossom, the Carolina Allspice, or the Strawberry Bush. The aroma of the bush is always a floral fruit smell that evokes either a resemblance to melon, pineapple, or sweet strawberries. However, there are some that carry a more distinct vinegar aroma, so gardeners are encouraged to purchase while it’s in bloom to know the aroma the plant is noted for. 


 One of the most pleasing attributes of the sweet shrub is rather hardy and typically is disease and pest free. It is commonly found on slopes and is natively found in deciduous woodlands that incline towards a more acidic soil. However, these shrubs can do well in most soil types that are known to be fertile soil regions. Soils for this type of shrub should be the type that remains moist but drain well. On a positive note, this shrub is drought resistant once well established.


 The shrub needs a basic amount of sunlight of no less than between 4 and 8 hours a day. This shrub can tolerate some shade but does better in full open sunlight. They grow naturally from southern Ohio along the eastern seaboard to Florida. At its mature height, it can grow between 6 to 10 feet and has a width span in the maturity of between 6 to 12 feet.


 This shrub has oval leaves of dark green with a slight fuzziness and lighter color underneath. In late spring, the shrub bears blossoms of dark red-brown flowers. During the blossom growth period of spring as well as in the full bloom period of summer, these delicate flowers emit their fragrant fruity fragrance which it maintains throughout the blossoming and growth stages. When the flowers are pollinated, they become bell-shaped flowers and can remain on the shrub from the fall until the next spring. The leaves have a golden color in the fall of the year.

Sweet Shrub Plants are Aromatic and easy to grow


The sweet shrub is a very aromatic shrub found in North America, China, and Australia. It has plenty of uses, but its most popular use is for sweetening tea and other drinks. The sweet shrub has a bit of a sweet yet bitter taste that makes it attractive to beetles, how the pollination process works. Interestingly, the different parts of sweet shrub can be used for different things. For example, the sweet shrub's fruit has in history been used by the Cherokee Indian as a wolf poison! When dried and used correctly, the sweet shrub can be used as an alternative for cinnamon. Its sweet taste is delicious. It also works well as a bug repellent and perfume when turned into a spray. 

 Medicinally, the sweet shrub can be used to help with bladder and stomach ailments. Also, iced tea can be put in the eyes to help with failing eyesight because of age. The sap from Sweet Shrub can be used to put in body sores and is very helpful with hives. 

 Purchase Sweet shrub at a local herb and natural foods store or purchase a tree and grow it yourself! Because of its wonderful uses and hardiness, this shrub is the perfect item for any yard. The smell is strong and sweet and even helps in the repelling of bugs from any area. It is also used for essential oils and used for many different medicinal uses. If you have a stomach ache or having problems with bladder infections, then Sweetshrub is the best option for all-natural help to fix the problem.


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