Shrubs Under 4 Feet

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Small shrubs enhance a landscape well.

Shrubs are magical. It is magical the beauty of landscaping with various, well-placed shrubs to add to the serene peacefulness of the area. It’s one thing to imagine what it all looks like, but it’s another to experience it upfront and personally.


Not only will shrubs enhance your landscaping design, but they’re essential to break up a design to draw a person’s eyes to another section or guide people to different areas.


We use shrubs to add beauty, but we love them for their distinct aroma, too. We’ll dive deeper into placing certain types of shrubs based on their purpose and appearance. We’ll finish with a discussion about the unique aroma of specific shrubs that many people enjoy.


Seasonal Colors and Placement of small shrubs


Your goal should be to create a stunning and appealing visual effect without overwhelming nearby plants. Subtle contrasts to other plants in the area work best. We know that fall colors are beautiful, and nature creates many breathtaking combinations, making it challenging to decide on a group.


If you plan to plant landscaping shrubs, the best time is the fall or early spring. The roots need time to grow and establish themselves, which enhances the likelihood of survival.


As with any planting scenario, always consider the full-grown height and width before committing to space. Shrubs need space to grow and mature.


Special Spring

After a rather dull and uneventful winter season, we’re eager to get outside and do some sprucing up around the landscaping we can’t wait to see in full bloom once again. A welcome sight in spring is the blooming of plants and flowers that wake up our collective senses.


If you’re contemplating border plants, Azaleas and Rhododendrons exude multitudes of color that produce stunning blooms, always a welcome sight in the spring. If you’re more interested in enjoying the blooms for the entire year, there are many evergreen varieties sure to pique your interest.


With their yellow flowers in the spring, Forsythia shrubs provide some welcome relief from the dull, gray winter season. They’re an easy-to-care-for shrub and used for hedges or to soften the corners around fences.


Hedge and Border Ideas

A suggestion is to use flowering shrubs for your hedges and around fences and choose between evergreen or deciduous for added color to the landscape. Lilac and forsythia are both dense-growing shrubs that should do the job nicely.


With border plants, try creating a natural border around your garden or sidewalks with short hedges. They provide a natural barrier between areas and still add that natural beauty important to the landscape.


Best Shrubs for Security

For any common security issue, evergreens are a favorite because they keep their foliage year-round. The best shrub to plant under windows to discourage a break-in or at least make the person think twice is the prickly-leaf variety, such as the Japanese Barberry shrub that has dense branches and thorns everywhere.


Keep the shrubs under windows trimmed so neighbors can report suspicious activity. The uncomfortable jabs from the branches directly under the windows quickly discourage further action except to leave in a hurry.


Pleasant Aroma

Lilac shrubs and their fragrant lilac-colored blooms are a fan-favorite for their fragrance and their use in screening or backgrounds for borders in white and yellow.


The yellow fall blooms of witch hazel blend beautifully with evergreens but place it close by so the sweet scent doesn’t go unnoticed. Roses sit atop the lists of the best aroma from shrubs. Besides their aromatic scent, use roses as a privacy hedge, too.


It’s always best to plan to find the most suitable landscaping shrub for your application. Whether for outlining boundaries or around sidewalks, or for privacy and screening, or for foundation planting, consider the details, including costs.

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