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Having your source of food is excellent for you and your family. When growing a garden, you will know what you planted, how you built the plants and also how fresh they are. To start an edible garden, people are at a loss or produce very few crops. Before you start your garden, there are things that you need to know about your climate, the temperatures and the soil you will need to do a proper job planting.

You can start your garden inside your house from Seedlings For Zone 8.

Some people grow seeds all year long or begin them in the early spring inside. You want the grains healthy and fresh for the best results. Your seeds need a clean and fresh area to grow in. If you are reusing pots from before you will want to sterilize them for the best results. You also want to use new soil and the right kind of land for the seedlings. This soil should have more nutrients in it to help the seeds grow. Watering is essential, but you do not want to saturate the ground too much as this could drown the seeds. You also want to watch that the seeds are neither too hot nor too cold. If you put too many seeds in one pot, you may have to thin them out to ensure proper growth. Soon your little plants will grow and will be ready for planting in your garden area.

A vegetable is not the only thing that you can grow from a seed. You can grow maple tree seedlings, oak tree seedlings, and pine tree seedlings. With maple tree seedlings they need to stratify. Stratify is allowing the seeds to experience the cold for 90-120 days. You should store them in a container or a plastic zip bag in the refrigerator. You do not want the seeds to dry out or mold. If they start to rust, you should take care of them right away.

Oaktree seedlings come from acorns. You can collect acorns in the early fall season. You may be able to find these lying on the ground under oak trees. You need to put the acorns in water and get rid of any that float. Put remaining acorns in a zipper bag and keep in the fridge. This will help them germinate for the new oak. Again, you need to stratify the acorns. Keep an eye on it, and when it starts to crack, it is ready to be planted. The acorn should be planted in the pot with the root facing down. Your oak needs to grow about four inches then you can plant outside. When you transfer it make sure the hole is big enough, and it has enough sunlight.

You can also use pine tree seedlings to grow pine trees. Look for pine cones that have fallen from pine trees. Gather brown or slightly green cones that are closed. Cones should be put in a box at room temperature. When dried the cones will let the seeds go. You need to stratify the seeds. Place them in a bag with moist soil and place in the fridge. Leave them for three to seven weeks. Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors in pots for the spring. Before transplanting, they should be two inches tall.

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