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Sun Perennials

Sun perennials are typically hardy and require minimal care once established.

Perennials Come In Every Color!

They offer a wide range of colors and bloom times, allowing you to create stunning and diverse garden displays.

Sun Perennials Longevity

They return year after year, providing a continuous burst of color and beauty to your garden.

Butterfly Weed

Known for its vibrant orange flowers, attracting monarchs, and significant ecological benefits, makes it is a popular choice in landscaping.

Milkweed Plant

Known for attracting monarchs, this native perennial has clusters of showy, pink to mauve flowers and lance-shaped leaves, attracting a host of pollinators while thriving in moist, wetland habitats.

Creeping Phlox

A ground-hugging perennial plant with small, vibrant pink flowers that form a dense carpet-like display in spring

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