Fast Growing Tree Deal - 1 Tree Each 3-4 Feet Tall - Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Tulip Tree

Fast Growing Tree Deal - 1 Tree Each 3-4 Feet Tall - Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Tulip Tree

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Fast Growing Tree Deal - 1 Tree Each 3-4 Feet Tall - Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Tulip Tree

Fast Growing Tree Deal is a great deal! It includes three trees that are already four feet tall and ready to plant! It consists of a Red Maple which is best for climate zones three through nine and will be anywhere from forty to ninety feet tall when fully grown. It also includes a Sugar Maple, which is suitable for the same zones and is smaller, only reaching about twenty feet or so in height. Finally, it consists of the Tulip Tree that grows best in climate zones four through ten and will be anywhere from forty to seventy feet in height. This tree package is a great way to purchase a variety of trees at a very reasonable price. These trees grow just about anywhere they are planted, and most of them grow up to three feet each year after being planted. Fast Growing Tree Deal provides a gorgeous look to lawns and landscapes and also offer an abundance of color in spring, summer and especially during the fall months as the leaves begin to change colors. They look amazing and brings small wildlife into an area as they start to grow and mature. This is a perfect way to deliver value and beautiful curb appeal to home and lawn. Some of these trees also can work great when planted in larger gardens and can even create beautiful shaded areas on a park for everyone to enjoy. The best thing about these types of trees is they are very easy to grow and maintain and do not take any particular care to build.

Tulip Tree
Tuliptree - Liriodendron tulipifera

The tulip tree is a large, deciduous tree that provides ample shade and is best suited in more huge open landscapes. Its bright green leaves have a distinctive four-lobed shape and turn golden yellow in the fall. This tree is named after the beautiful yellow and orange tulip=like flowers that bloom on it in the spring. It is best grown in temperate climates in moist, thick, creamy, and well-drained soil under the sun or partial shade. A tuliptree seed can take more than eight years to grow to an average height of 60 to 90 feet. It is a very low-maintenance tree that stands out amongst its peers with its impressive size and beauty. It is grown in Hardiness Zones 4-9.

Red Maple - Acer rubrum

The red maple is a beautiful tree named for its red features throughout the year; red winter buds, red spring flowers, red summer leafstalks, and red autumn leaves. It is a favorite for gardeners due to its fast growth and ability to tolerate a wide range of soils. It can grow over two to three feet a year to a height of 60 to 90 feet, though some can even grow up to around 120 feet tall. The red maple is famous for its stunning foliage and makes for the perfect visual point in any landscape. It is grown in Hardiness Zones 3-9

Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum

The sugar maple is an iconic tree that has been claimed by many states as their state tree. It is best known for its vibrant autumn foliage and is the source of maple syrup. The sugar maple can grow up to a height of 80 to 120 feet and grows at a pace of under a foot to two feet a year. It grows best in moist, deep soil but is mildly tolerant to drought, and is excellent under full sun or partial shade. It is used by gardeners to create both visual interest and tone in their landscapes. It is grown in Hardiness Zones 3-8



red-maple.jpg Red Maple

sugar-maple.jpgSugar Maple

tulip-tree.jpgTulip Tree

Fast Growing Tree Deal