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American Beech Tree

American Beech Tree

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Beech Tree - Fagus Grandifolia

Beech trees (genus Fagus) are an excellent choice for landscaping due to their pleasing attributes that can enhance any outdoor environment. These majestic trees are native to many regions worldwide and have been cherished for their aesthetic, ecological, and practical benefits. Here are some reasons why these trees are an outstanding addition to landscaping:

This plant ships bare-root and dormant (no leaves or foliage) It will not green out until next spring.

Striking Beauty: One of the most apparent reasons for planting these trees in landscaping is their unique beauty. These trees are known for their smooth, silver-gray bark and glossy, dark green leaves in the summer, transforming into a breathtaking golden bronze or copper color in the fall. This seasonal color change creates a stunning focal point in any landscape, adding visual interest and elegance.

Shade and Canopy: They boast a dense, spreading canopy that provides excellent shade during hot summer. This shade creates a comfortable outdoor space for people to enjoy and protects other plantings beneath it from excessive heat and sun exposure.

Beech Trees are a low-maintenance native tree

Low Maintenance: They are also relatively low maintenance once established, making them an ideal choice for landscaping. They are generally hardy, adaptable to various soil types, and can tolerate sunny and partially shaded locations. With minimal care, they can thrive and flourish for many years.

Wildlife Habitat: These trees are vital wildlife habitats, attracting various birds and insects. Their nuts, known as beechnuts, are a valuable food source for squirrels, deer, and a wide range of wildlife species. Planting trees in your landscape contributes to the local ecosystem's biodiversity and promotes a healthy environment.

Privacy and Screening: Beech trees can grow tall and develop into a thick screen, providing privacy and seclusion in urban and suburban landscapes. They can be strategically placed along property boundaries or near patios to shield areas from neighbors or unwanted views.

Soil Erosion Control: The extensive root system helps prevent erosion, making them an excellent choice for landscaping areas with sloping terrain or potential erosion issues.
Longevity and Heritage: These trees are known for longevity, often living for several centuries if cared for properly. Planting a tree can be an investment in the future.

Cultural Significance: These trees have significant cultural and historical importance in many regions. They have been celebrated in literature, art, and folklore for centuries, and their presence in a landscape can add a sense of timeless charm and cultural connection.

Companion Planting: Trees can be complemented with various understory plantings, such as ferns, hostas, and wildflowers, which thrive in the dappled shade beneath their canopy. This creates a diverse and visually appealing landscape design.

Carbon Sequestration: Like all trees, beeches contribute to carbon sequestration, helping combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide in their woody tissues.

In conclusion, beech trees offer a myriad of pleasing attributes that make them an excellent choice for landscaping. From their stunning beauty and shade-providing qualities to their ecological benefits and cultural significance, they can alter any outdoor space into a tranquil and enchanting haven.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Wendt
Arrived just in time

Took longer to arrive than expected but got the trees 1 day before first big snowfall so was still able to plant.

Clark Thomas Riley
Vigorous seedlings at good price

Got 10 Beech Tree saplings with BOGO deal. Nice healthy saplings, well packed and ready to plant on arrival.

Thomas Tischler
The beech tree is in the ground. I got it planted before, the ground freezes. Got here just in ti...

All is good with the beech tree. Got it planted in time.

Melinda Simpson

Beech Tree

James Cooper

Beech Tree