Wild Trees Rock

Wild Trees Rock

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 27 , 2016

The thought of Wild Trees brings dense green forests and meadows to mind. 

Wild Trees are the native species that grow in the wild contributing to the earth’s ecosystem. These trees are not only beautiful but also equipped to handle extreme climatic conditions. Their presence in the wild makes them adaptable to a range of climate and soils.

While driving past roads, you must have noticed giant trees looking down on you with utmost love and warmth. Their presence on the roadsides and in the wild brings joy to us. However, deforestation and commercialization in the recent times have led to the loss of such precious trees at an alarming rate. The situation has become so serious that there are some native species that have become extinct.

You can contribute to nature by planting these wonderful native trees in your home garden, backyard or driveways. 

They can be planted as a specimen or even beside driveways and walkways. These trees will keep your premises green for many years. The kids love playing in the shade of huge trees. The children will also enjoy bringing up their native plant and seeing it grow into a humongous tree. With all these wonderful reasons, you should not be thinking twice to grow a wild tree in your backyard. If you have got ample space, then you can easily plant an exotic tree that will stand proudly in your garden for many years to come.

Some of the common wild trees that can be planted are—Cyprus, Pine Trees, Birch, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Spruce, White Oak, American elm, etc.

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