Water Plantain 1-2'

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Latin Name- Alisma Subcordatum Hardy Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 2-3ft Width- 1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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 Plaintain – Alisma Subcordatum  

Plaintain is a tall many-branched aquatic wetland plant with small white flowers in whorls.The lower part of the plant is often submerged underwater while the top is exposed.This plant prefers to grow in water swamps or occasionally wet sand.The leaves are long and skinny and grow in clumps that have a stem rising above them. The flowers have 3 white petals 6 stamens and a number of pistils. Also known as water baby’s breath or small baby’s breath. This plant can be planted in either pots or water such as water containers or ponds. Alisma, or commonly known as water-plantains, are aquatic plants. They begin flowering in June and continue growing throughout the entire summer well into September. However, the individual flowers on this plant are very short-lived. The flowers open up in the afternoon and six hours later wither. The curvatures of the ribs on the leaves were the inspirational nature features that John Ruskin used to develop his theories on gothic architecture; claiming they were models of "divine proportion. The water plantain is tall, spindly, and has many branches. They also have small, white flowers (sometimes pink) in whorls. The lower part of this plant is submerged in water, while the upper part is exposed. The leaves that are formed under-water have a ribbon-like quality and rot quickly. The underwater leaves are never seen on the adult plants. Give beauty to your water-garden by adding color with these aquatic plants. They are easy to maintain plants that need full sun, but can also grow in sheltered sites as well. They can also be submerged 30 feet into the water, as that is where they thrive the best. Also, these plants are grown by ripe seeds or by dividing rhizomes in the spring.Choose Native Plants to enjoy around your home and in your water gardens .These plants will grow well around your pond or water garden. They will give your area a natural look. Native Plants will add beauty to your water garden or ponds.These plants will add that special touch to your water garden or pond. These plants will grow well and fast around bodies of water.



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