Which Trees Will Best Benefit Your Landscape Goals?  

Trees are the #1 staple in landscaping. Residential and commercial property owners often prioritize flowering plants and shrubs in their landscape design. While these assets deliver aesthetic and environmental value, trees may make a better starting point. If you think about it logically, oaks, maples, and fast-growing varieties are typically take up the most space. If you were building a home, wouldn’t you begin with the foundation and erect the exterior walls before installing curtains?

A well-crafted landscape concept starts with its most significant asset — trees — and builds on that foundation. As a TN plant nursery with a complete inventory of flowering perennials, ornamental shrubs, and trees, we’d like to share ways your landscape can benefit from building around or strategically inserting trees.

How to Select Trees for Your TN Landscape

Before choosing, property owners may want to think through the benefit they desire. The trees at our TN nursery all deliver landscaping benefits. But you may want to narrow down which best serves your needs. Consider asking yourself the following questions when reviewing options that thrive in this area.

  • Are you interested in adding shade to a specific area?
  • Do you want a flowering tree to add seasonal color?
  • Would the colorful foliage of maple trees and oak trees serve your landscape well?
  • Would a large shade tree enhance your leisure use of the grounds?
  • Our fruit and nut trees appealing as a homegrown food resource?
  • Does it make sense to plant fast-growing trees to provide privacy from neighbors?

Keep in mind that the answers to these questions help clarify your landscaping goals. But other factors will need to be considered before selecting the suitable trees for your landscape. For instance, the landscaping design must account for soil type, access to water, proximity to septic fields, and wells. With all the elements highlighted, you can select trees that can seamlessly meet goals and flourish.

Strategies to Maximize Landscaping Benefits of Trees

It may prove helpful to separate tree landscaping into two strategies — standalone and groupings. Including hardwoods, ornamentals, or fast-growing trees in a landscape allows property owners to define, separate, or enhance the grounds in wide-reaching ways. The following design ideas highlight the flexible benefits of landscaping with trees.

  • Standalone Trees: Home and commercial property owners routinely plant flowering trees in front yards. This strategy creates the curbside appeal that typically improves property value. The same standalone assets in backyards make your leisure experience more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Rows: Property owners generally enjoy a better return on investment by planting fast-growing trees along property lines. This strategy defines the perimeter and separates your land from abutters. Fast-growing trees do not fall into decay and won’t require costly replacement.
  • Enclosing Designs: Planting flowering or mid-sized trees around the sides of a patio makes the hardscape feel like a fresh-air room. This design increases the feeling of privacy and coziness in your backyard.
  • Avenue of Trees: Many communities manicure eye-catching trees along roads and walkways to create ambiance. Although these open spaces typically employ large trees, homeowners can utilize this strategy on a smaller scale by planting dwarf trees or low-growing ornamentals.

One of the more popular landscaping designs layers the plant life. This plan often includes ground covers that transition from perennial flowers to shrubs. In the backdrop, trees provide the height that brings it all together. Landscaping professionals may advise property owners to employ red maple trees to paint the background or weeping willows that deliver low-hanging greenery. The wide range of trees that succeed in TN can make these design ideas a reality.

What are the Best Landscaping Trees in TN?

The best landscaping tree for your needs will succeed under the soil and climate conditions while delivering the desired benefits. Many landowners quickly discover that a wide selection of trees at our TN nursery will thrive on your property. The colorful leaves, seasonal blooms, and ability to provide shade make choosing landscaping trees a lot like picking out candy in a sweet shop. Consider what the following trees bring to the table.

  • Maple: This class of trees includes varieties with eye-catching red leaves. Maple trees offer substantial shade and rank among the most colorful in terms of fall foliage. They can mature to 120 feet high and 50 feet wide while ranking among the fast-growing trees.
  • Willow: They rank as, perhaps, the most sought-after shade tree. They usually thrive near ponds, rivers, and streams. Although Willows mature to only about 40-70 feet, their width nearly equals their height.
  • Dogwoods: This lovely flowering tree remains one of the most desirable standalone options. They typically mature to only 25 feet or less. Other low-height landscaping possibilities include Crepe Myrtle Plants that bloom for 60-120 days and mature to 20-30 feet.
  • Pines: Pines usually prevail along a property line. These fast-growing trees remain a cost-effective way to integrate a privacy element and also serve as windbreaks.
  • Oaks: This species enjoys more flexibility than many people realize. These include Southern Red Oak trees that rival the color of Red Maples during fall. Maturing upwards of 80 feet with a 60- to 70-foot spread, they deliver tremendous shade benefits. The acorns also serve as a wildlife food resource.

The landscaping possibilities appear endless when you consider the varieties that thrive in this region. Other items to consider when making your decision may include how quickly a tree grows, seasonal blooms, and how it fits into an existing landscape.

Select Your Perfect Landscaping Trees at Our TN Nursery

If you are planning a new landscape or want to enhance an existing one, we stock beautiful trees that help achieve goals and the peaceful enjoyment of your property. Contact our TN nursery about landscaping trees today. And if you have any questions, consider us a go-to resource.


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