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Trees can be purchased here very cheap

If you're wondering where to buy affordable trees online, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of trees for sale to suit every situation.

We grow trees for every zone to suit conditions in every US state. We grow many of our trees on our farm here in Tennessee (it's over 3500 acres) and source the rest from quality growers across the state. That means when you buy from us you always get low, grower prices.

Whether you want more backyard privacy or shade for your employees during their lunch break, we have a beautiful tree for you.

Trees for shade and privacy are the most amazing trees ever

Two of the most popular reasons for buying a tree are to provide shade and increase intimacy. Sure, you could spend a small fortune on fences, screens and shade structures. Or you can instead save money and choose a more aesthetic and in some ways more effective solution in the form of one or more beautiful trees.

Have you got a nosy neighbor? Maybe you want to garden without worrying about whether your neighbors can see what you're doing. Or do you want your kids to be able to play in your front yard without the fear of strangers watching them? These are all great reasons to choose an evergreen tree. For the most privacy, pick one of the denser trees we offer. You might like an eastern red cedar or, for an even better deal, check out our existing fence three-tree deal.

Trees In Landscaping For Benefits:When it comes to providing shade for your home or office, you've got two main choices: evergreen or deciduous

An evergreen shade tree is an excellent choice if you want year-round shade. Many of our customers choose an evergreen tree to shade their outdoor eating area, so they're always protected from the sun when they're eating or entertaining al fresco. Some of our customers buy an evergreen tree to shade their outdoor play space. Whatever your year-round shade needs, we're sure to have an evergreen tree to match.

On the other hand, deciduous trees are popular with those of our customers who want to save money on heating and cooling. Why? Because deciduous shade trees cool homes and businesses during the warmer months by blocking the hot summer sun yet, they also allow the winter sun to warm homes and offices once they've shed their leaves in the colder months. And no matter what zone you live in, we have a range of beautiful deciduous trees to choose from.

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Affordable trees for homes and businesses

As an online wholesale plant nursery, we offer low grower prices on all our trees. If you only want to buy one or two trees for your backyard, then you'll find a great value choice that's right for your soil and climate. If you need lots of trees for your business or large property, then we have great deals for bulk purchases.

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Cheap trees — great for the environment and your hip pocket

There are so many advantages to using trees in all but the smallest landscaping projects. Trees produce oxygen and remove toxins from the air, they prevent soil erosion and water pollution, and they can even improve our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. And unlike annuals and the many short-lived perennials, trees can live for a very long time, so they're a worthwhile and affordable investment.

All our trees are a great value because you're skipping the middle man and buying directly from the grower. But if you want even better value for money, check out our tree package deals:

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Pro tip:
Transplant your new trees when they're dormant — usually between October and April.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on a privacy, shade or purely-for-enjoyment tree, all our trees look beautiful, feel beautiful and have an attractive price. Buy yours today from $9.99.