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Shade Perennials

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Shade Perennials For Sale- Tn Nursery

We all know plants need sunlight to grow and so many gardeners mistakenly believe there aren’t many plants that grow well in full shade let alone flower without much sun. But when you take a look at our range of shade-loving perennials, you’ll realize there are plenty of shade-loving plants that flower without direct sunlight.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bunch of shade-loving perennials that flower in your favorite color now.

Shade Perennials grow in many different sizes and colors

No matter what your garden palette is, we have shade-loving plants with flowers to suit your color scheme. If you’ve chosen a warm color palette, check out our range of shade-loving perennials with red, orange and yellow flowers. Or if you prefer cooler colors, our shade-loving perennials with purple and blue flowers will be more your thing.

And of course, we have a vast range of shade-loving plants with flowers as white as a sheet and these would look great in a white and green color scheme or as a complement to any of the other color palettes.

Shade Perennials are ideal for adding color or greenery to your home or office

Shade-loving houseplants
A common reason to be looking for shade-loving perennials is that you want to add some greenery to your home or office. If you’re looking for shade-loving houseplants, then you’ll be pleased to know that most of our shade-loving perennials can be grown in containers indoors.

Pro tip:
If you’re choosing shade-loving houseplants and you have young children or indoor pets, be sure to select non-toxic species.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on shade-loving perennials, we have a vast range of beautiful, shade-loving houseplants and shade-loving plants with flowers in every color. Buy yours today from just $4.99.

How Every Homeowner Can Show Off Their Shade Perennials
When it comes to style and expression, shade perennials are a must for every yard. After establishing an exciting space with tall plants and trees, shade perennials provide accents and fill in details to ultimately create an inviting space. The following tips show off how to take advantage of these versatile and diverse plants.

Yard Borders

It's not always easy to fill out a yard with cohesive decoration. Indeed, more giant trees and plants go a long way in establishing a yard's atmosphere and sense of space, but sometimes something is missing. That's why shade perennials work well in a yard's corners and borders.

Window Boxes

For windows in the shade, particularly on the north side of the house, these plants can easily bring in some stylish charm. While a dainty and feminine perennial may pair well with a tiny home, it's also possible to evoke the sophisticated appeal of a manor with a more classic choice. No matter the home's style, there are shade perennials available to create the perfect look.

Under Trees

Another perfect location for shade perennials is at the base of a tree. One popular trend includes creating a circle 6 to 10 feet in diameter at the bottom of a tree and lining it in decorative brick or stone. Then, it becomes easy to fill the space with various shade perennials. By combining shorter and taller plants and playing with contrast, creativity is endless.

Shaded Walkways

Shaded perennials make an excellent backdrop, especially when lining the path to the front door. One option includes edging a gravel path with various larger stones and planting perennials beyond that path. Another option merely involves creating an organic, curving path from negative space and allowing the plants to define the path directly. Either way, guests and passersby alike will surely admire any yard with a decorative layout.

Shade Perennials
Just because some homeowners have properties that get limited sunlight doesn't mean they can't enjoy beautiful, shade-loving plants and flowers. Our company, Tn Nursery, offers a wealth of shade plants and shade perennials. Perennial plants come back year after year and shade perennials do best in the shade. Here are just some of the shade perennials we have on offer:

Aegopodiun Podagraria or Bishop's Weed
This low plant, with its foamy white flowers, resemble Queen Anne's lace. It proliferates and can be very aggressive, so the gardener would do well to keep an eye on it. Otherwise, it's a great plant or shady areas.

Bugleweed or Ajuga
This perennial, which sends out spikes of white, pink, violet or blue flowers from colorful foliage, is a fantastic ground cover.

This plant has dramatic, long plumes of tiny cream-colored flowers on stalks that can grow from one to six feet tall. The foliage is fernlike and light green.

Goldenseal is not just one of the best perennial plants for shade, but it's also a medicinal herb. It has a yellow rootstock and purplish stems that grow about a foot tall. It also has two large, five-part, slightly hairy leaves. Each plant has only one flower at a time, which is either greenish-white or rose-colored. In the fall, the fruit resembles a giant raspberry. Tea was used by Native Americans to treat skin conditions like eczema and acne.

This delightful looking plant is bound to be a hit with anyone who comes across it. The spathe arches over the spadix, which is full of minuscule flowers and reminds people of a preacher in a pulpit. Unfortunately, the flowers' smell isn't the sweetest, but this is because flies need to fertilize it. In the fall, the flowers on the spadix are replaced by attractive berries. Jack-in-the-pulpit also has medicinal uses and is sometimes used to treat tired eyes, snakebite, and bronchitis.

foam flower

Foam Flower - Tiarella cord folia

Foamflower is a perennial that is often used as part of the design in a shade garden or naturalistic area of a landscape. One feature that makes it a viable choice for a nature area is that it is a plant the deer or rabbit are not usually attracted to. It is a low-maintenance, fast-growing plant when planted in hardiness zones 3-8. This flower spreads by rhizomes or runners that can quickly develop into dense patches of lush greenery. This flower should be planted in a partially shaded area in neutral or slightly acidic soil. The area where it is planted must receive good drainage. This type of flower cannot endure excessively wet soil. Because of their spreading characteristic, flowers should be spaced 12” apart. The leaves of these flowers can be described as visually similar to the shape of a maple leaf or heart-shaped in design. The leaves can extend up to 4” in width. They feature deep red veins that create exciting designs on the foliage. To gain the maximum amount of showiness from the foliage, the flowers need to be planted in an area where they receive partial sunlight. Excessive shade will result in less intensity of the blotching, which is a distinctive and attractive feature of these flowers. In areas with mild winter temperatures, the leaves of the foam flower remain green. In some areas, the leaves may become a display of reddish-orange or intense bronze hues in autumn and winter. Foamflower buds are light pink. In spring, tiny, white or bright pink flowers appear and endure for about six weeks. True to their name, the long stamens of this flower are foamy in texture. Although small, the flowers are easily visible as they extend to a height of 10” to 12”.

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