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Monday, September 19

Colorful Hanging Baskets- An Absolute Delight

What could be more pleasing to the eyes than beautifully colored baskets hanging on the walls of your home? It indeed is a treat to watch vibrant flowers blooming in the summertime or spring season.

Hanging Baskets are an excellent option for designing your home, and they can be put on walls or hung on metal frames or poles. You can decorate your porch, entranceway, and even gazebo with hanging baskets. There are many kinds of attractive baskets and plants available in the market for your home. You can easily plant ferns, small plants, and flowers in baskets or pots and hang them to accentuate the look of your walls.

Petunias, Geraniums, Ferns, Fuchsias, Euphorbias, and Verbena, can quickly grow in hanging baskets. However, it is essential to know the basic needs of each of these plants before choosing them. Some plants like partial sun and some thrive in full sun, so select the ones depending on where you want to place the baskets. Decide on whether you want to place the baskets at eye level or higher up. The kind of plants and flowering pattern can help you determine the height of placing the baskets.

As far as choosing the basket is concerned, it would be best if you went in for those not too heavy and can easily be hung on walls. The structure, weight, and design of the basket should be such that it supports the growth of flowering plants. Baskets that are too bulky and heavy can easily fall during strong winds. Choose good basket liners like rubber, coco- fiber, or traditional moss. Good basket liners help retain moisture in the soil and help in soil insulation by keeping it warm during colder climatic conditions.

Try out planting flowers in hanging baskets this season. You will undoubtedly love it!!!

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