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Latin Name- Quercus Hardy Planting Zone- Mature Planting- 50-100 ft Width- 40-50 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade
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Oak Trees

Oak Trees are a great way to make a statement in the landscape and will be best for larger landscapes.  They are known for their height and their color.  These trees are also perfect for adding some extra shade to the landscape and will be great for entertaining guests or for enjoying a book or a cold drink on a warm day.  They are also beautiful in the fall with their colors ranging from reds to oranges and yellows that will brighten up any area.  These trees are amazing because of the heights they can grow to become and also all of the bright and vivid colors they can produce in spring, summer and especially the fall months of the year.  They do need plenty of room to grow and extend their long branches so they can grow to become healthy trees for a lawn or landscape.  They are extremely easy trees to grow and work great for all homeowners.   This makes these very easy to grow and care for.  These work great and also bring lots of much-needed curb appeal to all homes and lawns and provides a gorgeous look when fully grown.  These trees are very popular because they can also withstand some harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms, windstorms and also snow and ice storms.  They are very strong and hardy trees.The oak tree belongs to the genus Quercus. This genus contains over 600 species of trees. Most oak tree species are deciduous and are indigenous to the Northern Hemisphere. Oaks grow in many different climates, including temperate, tropical and Mediterranean.Oak trees are large hardwood trees, usually reaching at least 70 feet in height with a trunk nine feet in diameter. Their crowns are expansive and can often overhang two to three city lots, not including the lot in which the tree is actually planted. The oak is a long-lived tree, sometimes living longer than 200 years. A specimen planted during the reign of King John of England lived for over 800 years.



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