NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Thursday, September 15

The many advantages to growing herbs indoors

The way to grow fresh herbs indoors can be very easy and simple.

Make sure your herbs are going to get a lot of light.

Place them near a window or area where they can get a lot of sun.

Give them plenty of water, but make sure that they absorb the water, and the water is not standing in a puddle in the dish.

Make sure there are no weeds in your herbs. Checking your plants periodically for weeds and removing them is critical because, with weeds, they will grow and eventually take over your plant instead of they get water or not.

Never water your plants in the middle part of the day because the sun will make the water hot, scorching your plants. Always make sure you water them in the morning or evening.

All of these can make your herbs grow to their fullest potential so that you can have powerful, fresh herbs in your home. That can last you all year long and help save you time and money because you will avoid purchasing fresh herbs in the grocery store, which can be costly, or purchase them from the farmer’s market.

Source of Information on Indoor Herb Gardening