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Saturday, January 1

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Is there not enough time to do what you enjoy? Between work, family time, and church, there doesn’t seem enough time to play in your yard.

Many people feel like there is not enough time to do anything they enjoy, especially when it comes to working in their yard or getting out and enjoying their already beautifully landscaped yard.

Being able to go and pull weeds and play in the dirt to many may be a big stress reliever. Just imagine going out in the yard and pulling up some weeds and giving them a sling to get rid of some anger is such a big help.

Both yard work and lounging in the yard is a great feeling. Digging up roots, digging holes, and slinging weeds are great stress relievers, so what about relaxing? Relaxing is another excellent stress reliever, such as walking around your yard on a lovely, sunny afternoon admiring all of the new blooms, and listening to the new life of birds and butterflies flying around your yard. Lounging in a hammock that is hung between two large shade trees is another excellent way to relieve some stress; lying around enjoying the great fresh air and sunshine is a great, indescribable feeling like no other.

Your yard can be your oasis of fun and relaxation. You can achieve it in no time. So why not enjoy your great backyard while you can, when you can? If your time seems all tied up, find some time, and make time to enjoy your yard! You will be amazed at how good it can make you feel.

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Elderberry Bush - TN Nursery

Elderberry Bush

The Elderberry shrub is a medium-sized shrubs with opposite compound leaves and clusters of tiny, creamy-white or pale pink flowers, followed by dark purple-black berries arranged in umbrella-like clusters. It is a versatile and beneficial plant used in landscaping. This deciduous shrub offers many advantages with its attractive foliage, beautiful blooms, and fruits. Add Beauty to Your Yard With The Elderberry Bush Deciduous elderberry bush can range in size from little trees to shrubs with several trunks. One type has small white blooms with five lobes, five stamens, and a tri-style ovary. Another type is yellowish-white and has five flattened petals. They thrive in partially shaded, damp places like meadows, marshes, forest borders, ditches, thickets, and floodplains. Typically, the most fertile canes are those that have developed lateral branches by the second year. After the fourth year of growth, you can trim off the older canes since they become much less productive. Increase Pollination With The Elderberry Bush They are great pollinator magnets due to the abundance of nectar in their huge, flat, shallow blossoms. Moths, beetles, flies, butterflies, and beetles are just some of the pollination insects that visit these blooms. They provide nectar and pollen for bees continuously throughout the growing season. When planted in clusters around an orchard, they will attract more pollinators. Even though they produce fruit on their own, they often experience an increase in yield when cross-pollination occurs. Create Privacy for Your Yard With The Elderberry Bush Because of their bushy growth and ability to produce new branches every year from the base, they are excellent for screening off unwanted views. Furthermore, they are capable of aggregating into thick masses, which makes them perfect for creating natural landscapes. They can also provide wind protection with their thick foliage. Planting them along driveways or fence rows is an excellent way to enjoy the seclusion they provide. Add Wildlife Nutrition With an Elderberry Bush They provide unparalleled natural habitats and food sources. Their aromatic blossoms encourage pollinators like bees and butterflies to visit the garden, which is good for biodiversity. They are an important part of a healthy ecosystem since they provide a source for birds and small animals like moose, foxes, bears, mice, and deer.

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