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Tips on Getting Rid of Pesky Animals

Sunday, July 24

Are you tired of all those pesky animals such as rabbits, deer, and squirrels eating up all of your plants?

I was at the end of my rope when my chickens started eating all of my Perennials. Were there options?

Yes, when it comes to landscaping, we all spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on landscaping supplies for our homes. So it can get rather frustrating when we are trying to rest peacefully and wake up knowing that some pesky little critter ate all of our flowers and fruits.

When it comes to keeping critters out of your fruits and away from eating your flowers, you have several different options.

Put up a fence around your flowers or fruits.

Place pellets such as mothballs around the area to prevent them from coming near.

If you are struggling with deer, you can place cut human or dog hair around the area, and it will repel them from coming too close. (yes, it does work)

Everyone seems to have those little tricks for repelling pesky critters away from their fruits and flowers, and while some may work better for others, it is all about trial and error. There are many different kinds of plants out there that you can plant just for them, such as fresh vegetables for your rabbits and deer berries which deer love. For most, it is all about preference and what you prefer to plant in your yard!

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